Cancel 9Round Membership

Cancel My 9Round Membership

  • The 9Round Fitness is one of the specialized gyms, a center of fitness, and also a health club whose primary focus is on training based upon kickboxing fitness.
  • The 9Round fitness program also includes cardiovascular, interval, functional, and on circuit workout regimens.
  • There is a wide range of preferences in terms of membership, the one you choose the best for yourself. They offer services like a term of memberships at a low rate, month-to-month memberships period, discount on payment for longer time periods, and many more. One must check to the nearest local gym to get an idea about what the specific rates are.
  • But apart from the services and features that were offered, the need may arise for 9Rounds membership cancellation which may be for any reasons including the financial crisis, etc.
  • As per the 9Round fitness cancellation policy, since all the 9Round fitness clubs located in different places are operated and owned individually, so all the cancellations or any query or issues need to be dealt with by the own local fitness club. One needs to make a contact with the gym to know about the account status of the membership.

So, here we shall illustrate the methods on the topic ‘How to cancel my 9Round membership?’ which must be followed thoroughly step by step.

What are the requirements for 9Round fitness membership cancellation

Some of the essential details that one need to keep ready that may be required in order to cancel my 9Round membership are as follows:

  • Member’s first Name
  • Last Name.
  • Location.
  • Email address.
  • Username.
  • Password.
  • City/Region/Province.
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact number.
  • The reason for cancellation of the membership.
  • Membership account details.
  • Billing address.

What are the methods for 9Round membership cancellation

The methods that can be performed for cancellation of 9Round Fitness membership has been discussed in detail below.

  1. Through the Phone.
  2. Via In-Person.

i. How do I Cancel my 9Round membership through the Phone

For 9Round fitness cancellation over phone, then here are the steps that one need to proceed are:

  • Call the 9Round Fitness club Phone Number:
    Firstly, dial the 9Round club membership cancellation at 866-619-7978.
  • Talk to the agent about the cancellation:
    Next, directly talk to the agent and explain to the customer support agent about the reason for calling.
  • Make it clear to cancel the membership:
    Then, we need to make it clear why we want to cancel the membership and specify the necessity for cancellation.
  • Provide all the details and account information to the agent:
    Next, provide all the necessary information and details on the account to the agent when asked for it.
  • Wait for the instructions on the further procedure by the agent:
    One must be patient and wait for the next instructions by the agent that we need to follow for the successful completion of the process of canceling the 9Round fitness membership.

ii. How to cancel your 9Rounds membership via In-Person:

In order to cancel 9 Round membership through In-Person, then it must be done in the local fitness club.
The step by step procedure which one needs to follow are described below:

  1. Go to the local 9 Round fitness gym:

    At first, one must go to the 9 Round local gym, the one in which we usually visit and had signed up for membership.

  2. Talk to the gym representative:

    Now, we must talk to the gym rep directly on the process for cancellation of membership.

  3. Ask about the form of cancellation if any:

    Then, ask the rep for the form of cancellation if the respective gym has any of it.

  4. Deliver all the information and account details:

    In the next step, deliver all the personal details and information so as the representative get the knowledge about the member.

  5. Perform the steps as instructed by the rep:

    Lastly, one must also make sure to go through the steps that are instructed by the rep in order to complete the 9 Round Fitness membership cancellation successfully.

Thus, through this article one can easily go for the cancellation of 9 Round Fitness membership by making choices in between the above two mentioned method and for any further enquiry just contact the customer service for support and help on cancellation.

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