How To Cancel ABCmouse

For the children between the age of two to eight years old, ABCmouse brings you a learning strategy for your kids with a variety of learning tools.

The ABCmouse team has up to 1M members at this very moment.

ABCmouse site offers membership only to the parents, caretakers, teachers and the child can log into it in order to get access to using the learning features and tools. This site is customized primarily for the kids in preschool and kindergarten.

They also provide its membership with a mobile app that acts as an easy and most interactive way to employ the same as it is on the website.

But if you realize that, you do not require the subscription anymore and also been charged for the bills on the membership fee for the service which is no more needed to you, or your child is outgrown from the site, then you can go for the ABCmouse cancel your subscription account. After your trial days end you will get charged on your subscription as a fee of $9.95/month.

So if you do not wish to pay the cancellation fee, you need to cancel the ABCmouse trial before the free trial days get expired by visiting on the Parent section cancel account, in the trial month itself to prevent getting further charged.

Here we bring to you, to get an idea on how to cancel ABCmouse membership’ in a very convenient way.

ABCmouse Cancellation Number

It is always considered better and the fastest method to cancel your ABCmouse membership through the phone.  The canceling ABCmouse subscription contact number is 800-633-3331. You may need to hold for a time being of 8 minutes, it may also extend to half an hour. This service line remains accessible 24/7. You can even call them to make a request for a refund. For any query or issues, you can also make contact on the ABCmouse company through its available customer care support service on to cancel membership.

How Do I Cancel My ABCmouse Membership Via Online

If you are looking for ways to cancel ABCmouse membership through the online method, then you can go through the below-described points step by step:

  1. Visit the official website of ABCmouse through any of your selected web browsers.

  2. Now on clicking the ‘Log In’ page will appear.

  3. Then get logged in to your ABCmouse account with the username and password to cancel your subscription.

  4. Look for the ‘Parents Section’ tab and under it tap on the ‘My Account’ option.

  5. Now you will see a link on ‘Cancellation Policy’ on the bottom side of the page. Select the provided link on cancelling subscription and furnish a specific reason for your cancellation of ABCmouse membership.

Also keep in mind that, you might need to get through a series on your screen in order to make confirmation then again reconfirm on your conclusion to  ABCmouse cancel service via online.

How To Cancel ABCmouse Account On Amazon

If you had paid your payment on ABCmouse subscription by the Amazon Store account, then you can easily cancel the ABCmouse subscription through your Amazon Account sheet.

The procedure on how to cancel ABCmouse subscription through Amazon App store is discussed below:

  • At first, go to your Amazon account.
  • Now move to your subscription page on Amazon.
  • Then to the right of your display screen, you will get the ‘Actions’ tab, tap on it.
  • Next, a drop-down list will appear, from them select the ‘Turn Off’ auto-renewal option.
  • Also, make sure that you are confirmed and want to ‘Turn Off’ the auto-renewal on the menu that appears on the next screen.

An email on confirmation will be forwarded to you on your registered email ID.

When your ABCmouse subscription gets successfully cancelled, you can still get the access to your ABCmouse account under your remaining trial days or on the remaining days of your existing ABCmouse payment cycle.

After its completion, no longer fees will be charged from your existing Amazon account by the ABCmouse company.

How To Cancel ABCmouse Membership Account Through iTunes

If you have paid your payment through iTunes on ABCmouse subscription bill, then you can make a cancellation on your ABCmouse subscription account on iTunes store.

Here is the method on how to cancel ABCmouse subscription on iTunes:

  • Firstly, visit your iTunes store and then move to the ‘Account’ tab.
  • Now, go to the ‘Settings’ tab.
  • Select on the ‘Manage’ option in the Subscription tab, under the Settings section.
  • Then, under the section of ABCmouse  ‘Auto-renewal’, click on the ‘Off’ button.
  • Now, in order to confirm, click on the ‘Done’ option to get updated.

Make sure to get a confirmation mail on your email, on successful completion of your cancellation on ABCmouse subscription.

Once the subscription gets cancelled, you can still get the access to your ABCmouse account under your remaining trial days or on the remaining days of your existing ABCmouse payment cycle.

After its completion, no longer fees will be charged from your existing iTunes account by the ABCmouse company.

Refund On Cancelled ABCmouse Subscriptions

Members of ABCmouse with the subscription can also ask for a refund if they find any problems while dealing with the site and can also make a request to refund you for getting overcharged on the tools, in monthly or yearly subscription by contacting in the customer support page.

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