Cancel All You Can Books Subscription

Cancel All You Can Books Subscription

The All You Can Books is the online platform services for the one who called themselves ‘Book worms’. It delivers an online subscription to read books.

Yuri Mintskovsky had begun the All You Can Books company in the year 2010. It was accredited by Better Business Bureau. It was promoted in varied publications on entertainment and also on TV shows, which includes Star Tribune, FOX, Tech Times, Dailymotion, Lifewire and Bay Area Christian Family. The Corporate Branches of the company are placed in Dallas, TX. It has got A+ rating with a 5-star rating.

In the All You Can Books platform one can acknowledge unlimited access to more than 40,000 eBooks and audiobooks. Users can also go for the Foreign Language audio classes and can also avail the language e-workbooks. All the content that is available can be accessed in an unlimited way with the subscription.

The signing process seems quite easy. You just need to enter the email address and register on it to begin. A free trial access for 30 days on All You Can Books will be available. Once the trial period ends, a monthly charge of $19.99 will get charged as the subscription fee. With the subscription the user can access to the books, can read the books and can even download it, if desired for. All You Can Books can be used on devices like smartphones, computers, e-readers, tablets and music players, Windows PC, iPad, Apple iMac, iPhone, Android, iPad, tablets, Kobo e-Reader and Kobo Arc.

But sometimes if you desire to make changes in your decision or the funds got tight then one can easily go for the All You Can Books cancel membership. As through this article we tried our best to make the things easy by assembling together the methods to cancel the service. Thoroughly go through from top to bottom so that you won’t face any issues during the cancellation.

How to cancel All You Can Books subscription

There are some of the methods which you can use for All You Can Books cancel subscription that includes both Online and Offline mode to completion.

  1. Via the Website
  2. Through the Email
  3. Over the Phone

1. How to do ‘All You Can Books Cancel Membership’ through the website:

Before going to the cancellation process you need to keep the following details ready for Login of the account:

  1. Registered email address
  2. Password of the account

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Visit the official website of the company:
    In the first step, visit the official website of ‘All You Can Books’ at through the preferred web browsing site.
  •  ‘Log In’ with the required credentials:
    Next, with the required credentials you need to ‘Log In’ to the account.
  • Tap on the ‘Cancel’ button:
    Then, tap the button on ‘Cancel’.
  • Enter the details that are needed in the respective blank field:
    In the next step, you must enter the details that are required in the field given.
  • Select the ‘Yes Cancel’ tab:
    Now, you must select the tab on ‘Yes Cancel’ to confirm the cancellation.
  • A confirmation mail will be sent to you:
    At last, a confirmation mail or number will be sent to you on process of the cancellation which you need to retain it carefully.

2. How to do All You Can Read books cancel a subscription by Email:

Bring together the below details of the account before proceeding to the cancellation:

  • First name of the member
  • Last name of the member
  • ZIP Code/ PIN Code
  • Email Address
  • The password of the account
  • Membership account number
  • Address on billing
  • City
  • State/ Region/ Province
  • Reason for cancellation (If needed)

One need to follow the below steps in order to cancel through an Email:

  • Compose an Email requesting for cancellation:
    In the first step, compose an Email making a request to cancel ( whether it may be for All You Can Books cancel trial account or the subscription account).
  • Include the details of the subscription account:
    Next, make sure to include all the details and information related to the account of subscription.
  • Ask the rep to cancel the subscription:
    Then, ask the rep that you desire to cancel the account of subscription.
  • Send the email to All You Can Books email address:
    Now, send it to the email address of the company.
  • Retain the confirmation number or email as a proof:
    At last, carefully linked the confirmation proofs for future records.

3. How to cancel All You Can Books Subscription over the Phone:

In order to cancel the All You Can Books over the Phone by talking to the Live Agent, at first you need to keep ready the following details and information of the account:

  • The First name of the member
  • The Last name of the member
  • Contact Number
  • ZIP Code/ PIN Code
  • Email Address
  • Password of the Account
  • Membership account number
  • Billing Address
  • City
  • State/ Region/ Province

The steps you need to follow are described below:

  1. Dial the All You Can Books Phone Number:
    At first, call the All You Can Books Customer Support Phone Number at 1-877-859-7527.
  2. Talk to the rep that you desire to cancel the subscription:
    Now, talk to the rep on your wish to cancel the account on subscription.
  3. Make a request to get refund:
    Next, provide the details required to the rep and you can also make a request for getting a refund.
  4. Ask the rep about not getting charged furthermore:
    Then, ask the rep that you won’t get charged anymore.
  5. Get the confirmation email:
    In the next step, a confirmation email will be sent to you on the registered email address.
  6. Retain the proof of cancellation for future reference:
    Lastly, make sure to retain the confirmation details as a sign of processing the cancellation.

Thus, we hope this article will help you out to cancel All You Can Books membership in a smooth way.