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Since we all are stuck in our homes because of the Covid-19 situation, most of us have binged watched our favorite series, movies, and shows that we never had time for. It has been noticed that apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Voot, and others have witnessed a hike at a titanic speed in the lockdown. Just in case you have also subscribed to Amazon prime but now your normal life is rolling in the corner and now you wish to cancel amazon subscription then you are on the right page.

Though the lockdown has been quite overwhelming for all of us we are eager to get back to our normal lives. In most countries, it is about to be three months and it has been a roller coaster ride. We understand that the addiction to binge-watching is not helping with getting back on your toes to the evolving work-life balance. Earlier people were busy with their work-life and never got time to watch the trending shows or series that popped. It is completely fine if you are not aware of how to cancel an amazon subscription because here you will get to know the entire procedure to cancel an amazon subscription in a jiffy.

Wondering how to cancel a subscription on Amazon?

In case you view your Amazon Prime Video by joining Amazon Prime, you can unsubscribe from Prime membership and avoid reactivating Amazon Prime Video on a monthly basis. But all the perks of a Prime subscription will also be revoked once you cancel amazon subscription.

  1. Start your system, computer, laptop, or the device you feel comfortable to start with the procedure to cancel Amazon HBO subscription.

  2. Open your Amazon app to begin.

  3. Sign up to your Amazon account by entering your registered ID or phone number along with the password

  4. Now press on the top right corner of your Prime Membership.

  5. Make a selection on the option of “Update” to update the settings under the option of “Manage Membership” tab on the right-hand side.

  6. Now make a selection on the option of “End subscription” on the left-hand side.

  7. After you have executed the aforementioned steps you must make a selection on the option of “Cancel my Benefits’

  8. Congratulations, you were able to cancel Amazon subscription successfully.

How To Cancel An Amazon Subscription?

We understand that the aforementioned steps can be quite precise for some people and some may not be able to understand how to cancel amazon prime subscription. For the same reason we have mentioned a detailed version of the procedure below to help you cancel Amazon subscription easily:

Initially, you will have to get to sign in to the Amazon Prime profile that has associated video memberships.

After you’ve authenticated in, you needed to go to the prime content Channels tab, that you can do in a few ways:

  • Pick the Profiles & Lists contained in the central search bar at the head of the Amazon website.
  • Utilize the Statements & Accounts drop-down cover and then make a selection on the Amazon account. After where you need to get down to the Associations and memberships segment and then make a selection on the Amazon Prime Video membership.
  • Once you ahve executed the aforementioned steps you will be navigated to the page where you can witness and control the whole of your video recommendations and actions.
  • You may also bounce straight away to the subscription control surface.

Once you have reached on the subscription control page, you need to execute the steps mentioned below:

  • You will be able to witness a segment labeled as “Your Channels” just right under the “Prime Video Channels”. After this, you will be able to picture out whatever video services you have subscribed to, also how much you are spending on the service, and what you will be going to be paying for the next time for renewing the Amazon subscription.
  • Once you land to the Activities segment, you will ahve to make a selection on the Cancel Channel(s) to cancel Amazon subscription for an exclusive service. 
  • To make sure you cancel Amazon subscription you will have to verify the request to cancel showtime subscription amazon in the segment that emerges.

In case you are still googling “how do I cancel a subscription on amazon” then you might want to check out the official website to cancel amazon HBO subscription easily.

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  • Hi! I am Cindy and I enjoy shopping online. This is why i had subscribed to Amazon. But now due to corona lockdown I am unable to use my Amazon subscription. So i want to cancel my Amazon subscription which is of no use right now. Please telm me how to cancel Amazon subscription easily.

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