Cancel Birchbox Subscription

Cancel Birchbox Subscription

Birchbox, known to be the market’s most established elegance subscription boxes. Birchbox subscription provides assistance to its customers by sending them samples of cosmetics with grooming and beauty products with different assortments so that customers can select according to their choices. Birchbox advertises the products and later the member with the subscriptions who wants it can purchase the full size of the chosen samples on the website online.

Their aim is to help to reply to the comments received. The firm of Birchbox is established in New York City. You can also go for the easy cancellation of your Birchbox subscription. You can go through the below article to earn an idea on ‘How can I cancel my Birchbox subscription’ through the various methods available by the Birchbox company.

How to cancel Birchbox Subscription

The different methods through which you can cancel your Birchbox subscription are listed below:

  1. Through an Online website.
  2. Via an email.
  3. Through the phone.
  4. Via App.

(1) How Do I Cancel My Birchbox Subscription Through The Online Website

You can accomplish it anytime, in order to cancel your subscription to Birchbox company. You have to follow the few steps to perform the cancellation of Birchbox subscription:

  • At first, you need to sign in to your  Birchbox account, the one you want to cancel from your desired web browser through its company website
  • Then select on the ‘Account Settings’ section.
  • Click on the ‘Subscription’ tab.
  • Select the subscription you wish to cancel ‘Birchbox’.
  • After that tap on the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option and your account will get canceled.

A confirmation mail will be sent to you on your email by the company on the successful cancellation of your Birchbox subscription.

Note: Birchbox subscription renews itself unless you cancel your Birchbox subscription account. And if you want to cancel the subscription on Birchbox you have to cancel before the next payment date. There is no extra cancellation fee if you halt your subscription.

(2) How To Cancel A Birchbox Subscription Through An Email

You can also cancel the Birchbox subscription through an email by following the below points:

  • Compose an email, and mention that you wish for the Birchbox subscription cancellation.
  • Provide all the details related to your Birchbox account along with your personal information such as full name, phone number, address, and so on.
  • And then you can forward it to make direct contact with the customer agent by emailing at- or
  • Make sure to ask for a confirmation mail after your cancellation of the Birchbox subscription.

(3) How To Cancel Your Birchbox Subscription Over The Phone

Birchbox provides its subscribers with the cancellation of subscription phone numbers for their Birchbox canceling subscription.

You need to call the associates directly to get your call connected. Here is the cancellation contact number of Birchbox subscription:

  • (877) 487 7272
  • 646-461-4617

available on weekdays from 9 AM-6 PM EST.

Provide a valid email address in written if required.

Ask the associates for the cancellation number when your Birchbox subscription account gets cancelled for future record.

(4) How To Cancel Birchbox Subscription On App

You can also cancel the Birchbox subscription on App.

  • At first, download the official app on your respective device.
  • Now, sign in to your Birchbox account.
  • Then, move to the section on ‘Account Settings’.
  • Next, click on the ‘Cancel Subscription button’.

A confirmation mail will be displayed on your screen on cancellation of your Birchbox subscription.

Therefore, you can cancel the Birchbox subscription UK in three different modes:

  • Firstly, sign in to your Birchbox account then search for the option of the “Subscriptions” button and then go through the steps on your displaying screen needed in order to cancel the subscriptions.
  • Secondly, mail to Birchbox that you no longer wish to receive Birchboxes and want the firm to cancel it.
  • Lastly, reach a Discovery Specialist and search the  Birchbox website to get an appointment with the firm.

How To Cancel Birchbox Annual Subscriptions

So, here we will read on how to cancel Birchbox’s yearly subscription. To cancel your Birchbox yearly subscription you have to contact the firm and get help for canceling the subscription. You cannot deal with the cancellation of yearly subscriptions by yourself all alone.

Birchbox subscription does not take immediate action so you have to cancel the subscription ahead of the renewed date. You must note that the yearly cancellation of Birchbox subscriptions doesn’t provide a smooth process. It takes much time. Sometimes it doesn’t acknowledge the customer mails which is another headache for the subscribers.

Cancel Birchbox Gift Subscription

For Birchbox canceling the gift subscription you need to go through the below points step by step:

  • First, sign in or Log in to the Birchbox Account through your desktop version from your preferred browser.
  • Then go to your ‘Account Settings’.
  • After that below Box Details choose the option ‘Cancel My Subscription’. A short survey will pop out, and you have to fill the blank field and then confirm your cancellation of the Birchbox gift subscription.
  • Lastly, your gifts subscription account and also any future program that you have made will also be canceled.

Note: You cannot repurchase the subscription in the same month of cancellation.

How To Cancel Birchbox 3 Months Subscriptions

Birchbox 3 Month subscription is also known as a Gift subscription or Pre-aid subscription. At the first month of purchasing the subscription, you can cancel the 3-month Birchbox subscription. You need to contact the agent in order to cancel your 3-month subscription. If you exceed your first month then you cannot unsubscribe from your subscription.

You can only cancel in the last month and no renews of your billing and subscription will be followed. You need to follow a link in the last session of your month  otherwise you might have to pay again for your Birchbox subscription.

Cancellation Of Birchbox Subscription Through The DoNotPay App

Birchbox cancellation can be also done by using an app name DoNotPay. It does not consume much time. Within no time you can get rid of the subscription of Birchbox that you don’t want. You have to follow few steps to perform the cancellation:

  • You have to download the DoNorPay app from the browser you use or from your iOS gadget.
  • Now launch the app and tap on the ‘Find Hidden Money’ tab
  • Enter in ‘Birchbox’ and fill up the details of your account that you want to cancel.
  • Then provide an email address that is valid.
  • You might have to wait for 2 days in order to complete the process of cancellation of the Birchbox subscription.

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