How To Cancel Boingo Wireless

Boingo Wireless, a U.S. based firm which deals with the wireless internet. It gives access to the connections of the devices in which Wi-Fi is available. It helps subscribers while traveling by plane. With the help of Boingo, it links to a wireless web and contributes its assistance for companies and subscribers of the troops. It also facilitates WiFi to each and every consumer those who are involved or members of it. 70 airports are operated by them.

But if you want to cancel your Boingo Wireless subscription, as it may not require by you any more or the connection may be low and does not benefit you as per expected or for any other reason, so here we illustrate the various methods on ‘How do you cancel your Boingo Wireless subscription‘.

Cancel Boingo Wireless Subscription

There are various techniques with the help of which the members can cancel the Boingo wireless account. Here are the few techniques mentioned below on ‘How to cancel Boingo Wireless’ service :

(i) Boingo Wireless cancel service over a phone call.

(ii) Cancel Boingo Wireless account through an email.

(iii) Cancel Boingo Wireless online via a website.

If you wish to cancel the Boingo wireless subscription you may require essential data in order to discontinue it. All you have to do is to keep in hand your personal details such as –

  • Your first and last name in full detail.
  • Then keep in hand your credit card info because it is essential.
  • Your address of billing is also needed to cancel the Boingo service.
  • Now state your intention for canceling the account of Boingo wireless.
  • Keep the contact number with you which is accurate
  • And most importantly your username and password to verify your details

(i) Boingo Wireless Cancel By Phone

Cancellation of subscription over a phone is said to be the traditional way but it is also considered to be the simplest and easy form of cancelling Boingo Wireless subscription. So in order to cancel Boingo wireless service, you need to go through the few steps below:

  • You can dial to get the executive connected to your call and furnish all the required details.
  • Reach the contact number – 800 880-4117 to get in touch with the agent.
  • You may get a mechanical statement while connecting.
  • You have to wait unless your call gets connected to the agent.
  • You also have to notify them that you no longer want to continue your subscription. Provide them with your information about your account.
  • And at last, make a request to them to send you the verification email that your cancellation process is complete.

(ii) Cancel Boingo Wireless Through Email

You can also use your email for your Boingo Wireless subscription cancellation. Here are the following steps:

  • At first, mention your important reason to make a request that is related to cancellation.
  • Then inscribed Subscription Cancelation with an email that you have been provided during the process.
  • Send the email in the provided link

You have to wait for days or many weeks to receive an acknowledgement from the agent on your Boingo Wireless cancelling the subscription account.

(iii) Cancel Boingo Wireless Online Through Website

Website is very helpful for cancelling the Boingo Wireless. You have to search the net to get access with your Boingo account. Follow the steps below:

  • First login into the account the service you want to cancel.
  • Then tap on the “My Plan” tab.
  • After that tap on the tab Cancel Subscription” or “Cancel My Account” tab in order to cancel the subscription. Membership will be canceled when the billing in terms of the recent account will end.

Bwi Boingo Wireless Cancel Service Via DoNotPay App

Those who have the time they can cancel on their own and wait for the time to consume. But the app, thus employed known as DoNotPay which reduces your time during the process of Boingo Wireless subscription cancellation. The steps that are to be followed are:

  • First, find in the browser or go through the application from an Apple store.
  • Now you need to select the tab ‘Find Hidden Money’.
  • The executive will ask you to confirm which service to cancel.
  • Verify your mail and you are done with it to cancel the Boingo Wireless service.

After completion of all the process, you have to wait for confirmation for 48hours. A mail will be received by you that your subscription has been cancelled.

Hence, from the above-cited methods, you can easily cancel Boingo Wireless subscription and for any issues, you can directly contact the customer care service helpdesk.