How to cancel BoxyCharm Subscription

How To Cancel BoxyCharm Subscription

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Each of us likes to wear make-up, nowadays it has become a type of essential for both boys and girls That’s what BoxyCharm brings to all the make-up lovers. The subscription of BoxyCharm brings a variety of make-up boxes to its members on a regular period. The service provides a monthly subscription that aims to give variations on customized make-up products in one batch to its members.

But if the subscription does not match your expectations or maybe due to some other reason for which you are looking to cancel your subscription BoxyCharm then here we give you a quick guide on ‘How to cancel your BoxyCharm subscription’ as well as the methods in easy terms.

How To Cancel My Subscription On BoxyCharm

Two methods can be accessible to cancel BoxyCharm subscriptions:-

  1. Online method via the website of BoxyCharm.
  2. By sending an Email to the BoxyCharm company.

Let us discuss these methods in a detailed manner below:-

i. How To Cancel My BoxyCharm Subscription By Online Method Through The Website:

In order to cancel my BoxyCharm subscription through the Online method, we need to visit its official website and then perform the below points step by step:-

  1. Go to the BoxyCharm official website:

    Firstly, from our device through the preferred internet browsing site we need to go to the official website of BoxyCharm company.

  2. Enter the Username and the Password:

    Next, enter the required credentials such as the username and the account password to log in to the BoxyCharm account.

  3. Click on the login button:

    Then, click the ‘Login’ button to get access to the BoxyCharm account.

  4. Select on ‘My Account section:

    In the next step after logging in, select the ‘My Account section to proceed further.

  5. Hit on the ‘Account Preference’ tab:

    Now, hit on the tab of ‘Account Preference’ where a drop-down list will show up on the screen.

  6. Tap on the ‘My Subscription’ button:

    Then, we need to tap the button on ‘My Subscriptions’ for the cancellation.

  7.  Select the ‘Cancel’ tab:

    In this step, select the tab to ‘Cancel’.

  8. Enter the reason to cancel:

    Next, we must specify the reason for the cancellation of the subscription.

  9. Click on ‘Yes’ to confirm cancellation:

    Now, click on the tab ‘Yes, I want to cancel’ to confirm the cancellation of the subscription.

To the left side corner if there is a note that states ‘Canceled’ then the BoxyCharm subscription cancellation is completed successfully.

ii. How do I cancel my BoxyCharm subscription via Email:

The other method for a BoxyCharm Cancel subscription is through sending an Email to the BoxyCharm company.

The steps that are to be followed are as follows:-

  • First, we need to open a new email in the inbox of the email account.
  • Now, we should type the subject line as ‘UNSUBSCRIBE’.
  • Then in the next step draft the request for cancellation.
  • Next, send the composed email to the given email address at

Note: To get a response from the company of BoxyCharm may take time to give the confirmation mail on cancellation.

How to cancel BoxyCharm subscription via DoNotPay:

The DoNotPay app enables to cancellation of the BoxyCharm subscription in less time than compared to the Email method.

The following steps are to be executed:-

  • In the first step, visit the DoNotPay official website from the desired web browsing site or download it on the device from the App Store for iOS devices.
  • Next, tap on the ‘Find Hidden Money section.
  • Now, we need to enter the name of the service i.e. ‘BoxyCharm’ the subscription which is to be canceled.
  • Lastly, a confirmation mail will be sent to the registered email address or mobile number from the DoNotPay service upon successful cancellation of the BoxyCharm Subscription.

Bottom Lines:

If BoxyCharm cancels the subscription is done before the period of billing ends, then no refund will be credited to the subscription. So if there are a few months left of your subscription which was just canceled, still BoxyCharm would provide the make-up boxes that are already paid.

Thus, we hope that no one can easily go through the cancellation process of BoxyCharm, and for further help or any confusion, you can contact the Customer Support page of the BoxyCharm company via email.

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