Cancel CenturyLink

Cancel CenturyLink

CenturyLink is the oldest and biggest telecommunications platform in America with more than $20 billion in revenue.

It extends ranges in telecom areas such as small businesses, private users, large enterprises, etc.

Although there are a million happy users yet it is seen that there are also some customers who are not satisfied with this service. The unhappy one desires CenturyLink to cancel service.

So this page is for those who have decided in their mind to cancel CenturyLink as fast as possible. Here we have stated ‘How to cancel CenturyLink’ and the details related to the cancellation process with easy steps. Understanding the methods will let you in saving your money, time, and peace of mind when you successfully complete the cancellation process as planned. Thereby we advise you to read this page till the end.

How to cancel CenturyLink service

You need to know that to cancel the Internet Provider can be a bit confusing and also time taking as your provider doesn’t wish their customers to terminate or cancel the service and lose their clients so quickly.

They will try to delay the procedure and may also try to persuade you with offers so that you can change your mind on not to cancel and keep the connection. It is seen with each of the Internet Providers.

1. Contact the CenturyLink Customer Service

The first method that you can choose is to make a contact with CenturyLink number to cancel the service.

The steps that you need to perform to cancel CenturyLink are as follows:

  • Firstly, dial to CenturyLink cancellation phone number.
  • The CenturyLink cancel service phone number is 800-244-1111
  • Talk to them about cancelling your service.
  • You may also need to give a reason for cancellation.
  • Lastly, make sure to get a confirmation mail on cancelling your service.

Note: The Customer Support team is available from Monday to Friday between timing 8 a.m to 6 p.m

2. Cancel service via Chat

The other option that you can choose if you feel uncomfortable calling is to wield the option on ‘Chat Support’. It will let you make a contact with the CenturyLink company to cancel the Internet Provider service. This option is fast and quite simple.

The steps that are required to follow are:

  • At first, visit the CenturyLink official website to access the ‘Chat Support’ option.
  • Then, an agent will assist you in the cancellation procedure.
  • Now, you must ask them to cancel the CenturyLink connection.
  • The agent may ask you to provide your name, contact number, record number, etc so that they can confirm the identity.
  • They may ask you to pay for the bill that is in balance before your account gets canceled.
  • Get the ‘Confirmation Number’ from the agent and retain it carefully as future reference.
  • Next, you need to return the device immediately once your cancellation is processed which includes the cords and wires too. Ensure to return it within 30 days from your cancellation request date or they may charge you to pay an extra penalty.

CenturyLink Cancellation Fee

As per the CenturyLink cancellation policy, it states that there is an early cancellation fee. The CenturyLink contract cancellation fee ranges from $200 to $300.

The fee depends upon the months of agreement of the service.

  • If the agreement is for 24 month then the cancellation fee is $200.
  • If the agreement is for 35 months then the ETF amount will be $300.

How to avoid the cancellation fee

CenturyLink is strict on cancellation fees. And you will be knowing this on perceiving the fees charged on early cancellation from their customers.

Yet according to CenturyLink cancellation policy, the CenturyLink cancel service fee can be waived off only under the following conditions:

  • Cancel service within 30-days order:
    The service can be cancelled within the period of 30-days from the date of order by informing them that you do not need the connection anymore. It will apply the 30-days money-back warranty.
  • The Service is unused:
    If the connection on CenturyLink is not yet activated and the service is not employed yet.
  • On special provisions:
    Under this, if the connection is upgraded then the company may waive your cancellation fees.

Wrapping up:

Thus, you can cancel CenturyLink connection at ease by any of the methods that have been mentioned above.

Also note that CenturyLink does not provide any online mode to cancel i.e CenturyLink cancel online or cancel via email is not possible.

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