Cancel Crunch Gym Membership

Cancel Crunch Gym Membership

If you choose to cancel your crunch gym membership program, it can be initiated by any of the following ways mentioned herein. These methods are through an online form made accessible by Crunch gym, through the phone number provided by the gym, through mails to the address provided by Crunch gym or visit in person to the local Crunch gym in your area or through the DoNotPay method. Read to learn more about it beneath.

How To Cancel Crunch Gym Membership: 5 Things to Know About Contracts

1. Crunch Gym Cancellation Of Membership Through A Contact Form

  • Visit the official page of the Crunch gym.
  • Provide information to the required fields.
  • Choose the subject listed, select the ‘Other’ option.
  • Proceed with the request for cancellation in the ‘Message’ section.
  • Finally, proceed by clicking in ‘Submit’.

This, Crunch gym device can be canceled through the contact form available on the website.

2. Crunch Gym Cancellation Of Membership Over The Phone

  • Call at the customer service number provided by crunch gym @1(866)-428-9664.
  • Wait for a few minutes.
  • When picked by the representative, inform that you want to cancel your gym membership on crunch.
  • Provide them with your documents such as account number, name, address, or any ID proof to verify your identity.
  • After the process of verification, the representative will proceed to cancel your account and inform you of any fees if required to pay.

Thus, the above-described steps will complete the process of Crunch gym cancellation over the phone.

3. Cancel Crunch Gym Membership Through Mail

Members can also opt for cancellation of their membership with crunch gym through the mail.

  1. You need to mail a letter with clear statements to cancel your membership with a crunch gym.
  2. Also, Fax the letter to ABC Financial at the given number 501-992-0802.

Points To Remember Which You Need To Include While Writing The Letter

  • Your membership number provided at the time of booking.
  • Your name as per documents.
  • Your permanent billing address.
  • Address of your Crunch fitness is located.
  • Your signature as per the documents provided.
  • Any 3 ID, such as the last four digits of your driving license, your birth date, last four digits of your account, the date of your membership.

4. Talk to a Crunch Agent

You can also directly talk to a crunch agent to cancel your crunch gym membership. Tell them about your request for a crunch gym cancellation form. Then the employee will guide you with all the fundamental paperwork and forms on how to cancel the gym membership of Crunch fitness.

If they try to convince you to stay, you must restate them with a strong reason for leaving crunch gym membership.

5. Crunch gym cancellation through DoNotPay

Crunch gym cancellation depends solely on the user to select the manual service or prefer from the list mentioned.

  • Start by downloading the iOS app or DoNotPay through any preferred web browser.
  • Proceed by selecting the ‘Find Hidden Money’ option.
  • Mention ‘Crunch Gym’ in the prescribed sector
  • Finally, choose the ‘Cancel Membership’ section when it is displayed on the screen. Thus, donotpay will send a notification for the cancellation of Crunch gym membership.

Crunch Gym Cancellation Policy

The crunch gym cancellation policy mentions that if a member approaches to cancel his or her membership then, the details mentioned can be followed:

  • The member needs to pay the next schedule due on monthly payments.
  • The member must return its membership card to the local crunch fitness gym.
  • The member may also need to pay on any unpaid dues ahead to the date of cancellation.

Crunch gym Cancellation Fees

According to crunch gym cancellation policy, it also describes the cancellation fee charged to terminate the crunch gym membership. It states that a member who wishes to cancel his or her membership needs to pay a cancellation fee on a crunch gym membership.

A written notice must be submitted along with a charge fee of $175. If cancelled membership before 1 year, an extra $25 would be charged as the early crunch gym cancellation fee.

After the free trial ends for crunch gym live and if a user does not cancels then a certain amount of charge is levied upon the users of crunch gym.

Hence, the above narrated steps and procedure to execute crunch gym cancellation will provide beneficiary to the gymmers.

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