Cancel Curology Subscription

How to cancel Curology Subscription

Are you looking for how to cancel Curology or confused on how to cancel a Curology Subscription? Then you have stopped at the right page.

Curology belongs to one of the telemetry start-up platforms in the United States which tends to deliver skincare products that are customized as recommended to their patients the ones who are battling with their dermatology problems and matters.

In the Curology platform, you need to fill out a survey that will be online and includes details about the type of skin you have and its present condition. The customers of Curology obtain a formulated cosmetic design to its concerned address.

Also, there are people who get the Curology membership but later they wish to cancel Curology and look for ways on how to cancel Curology membership.

Thereby, on knowing about your need, we have put forward this blog on ‘Can I cancel my Curology subscription after free trial’, ‘How to cancel your Curology subscription’ with the methods to cancel Curology subscription.

How to cancel a Curology membership

The answer to ‘Can you cancel Curology membership’ is ‘Yes’ you can do so. But before you go for a Curology cancel subscription, they advise you to convey at least 90 days to the subscription of Curology before you consider Curology cancel membership service. As your customized products may need to take up 2-3 months to adapt to your skin to respond to the given medication.

Yet if you still choose to cancel Curology membership then read below to learn on Curology how to cancel the subscription.

How To Cancel My Curology Subscription

There are two methods by which you can perform the Curology subscription cancel service.

  1. Cancel subscription via Online
  2. Cancel membership by an Email.

How do I cancel Curology subscription Online through its website?

The steps that you need to follow on ‘How to cancel my subscription to Curology’ through the website of the company has been stated below in detail:

  1. Go to Curology official website

    In the first step to start with, go to the official website of Curology through your desired web browsing site on your PC or phone.

  2. Enter the Login credentials

    Next to that, enter the login details of your account such as the User ID and the Password.

  3. Tap on the ‘Login’ button

    Then, tap the button on login.

  4. Click on the ‘Payment’ page: 

    Now, click the page on Payment from the drop-down list.

  5. Select on ‘I want to cancel’ tab:

    In the next step, scroll down the page and select the option on I to want to cancel.

  6. Answer the question prompted on your screen:

    Next, you need to answer some of the questions that will be prompted on your screen related to the Curology account.

  7. Hit on the ‘Submit’ button:

    Lastly, hit the button on Submit, to get your request to ‘Cancel my Curology subscription’ submitted.

How do I cancel my Curology membership via Email?

The steps you need to follow on how to cancel a subscription to Curology are mentioned below:

  • Write an Email:
    Firstly, you need to compose an email requesting to cancel the Curology subscription.
  • Make a request for cancellation of the subscription:
    Next, request to cancel the subscription to the Curology service.
  • Include the account related details:
    Then you need to include all the details and information that are related to your Curology account.
  • Forward the email to its company’s official email address:
    In the next step, forward the composed email to Curology’s team at
  • Ask to send you a confirmation email:
    At last, ensure to get a confirmation email on your Curology membership cancellation.
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