Cancel Daily Burn Subscription

How To Cancel Daily Burn Subscription

Daily Burn has been considered as one of the enormous fitness and health companies that furnish programs on workout and nutrition to over 2.5Musers all over the world through the web, mobile, TV applications, and so on. Daily Burn service assigns a broad variety of individual as well as group exercise strategies throughout the year (365 days) and also customized plans on workout for the members.

Sometimes you may feel like canceling Daily Burn for you are not getting enough time to follow its strategies and enjoying the benefits or the thought that you do not need this subscription anymore. Let us learn on ‘How do I cancel my Daily Burn?’ with the methods that will be beneficial for the subscribers.

Methods To Cancel My Daily Burn subscription

There are methods through which we can perform the Daily Burn cancel membership. Although the methods may take time to cancel Daily Burn subscription on my own it is worthy to know the methods provided by the company to cancel Daily Burn membership.

  1. Cancel my Daily Burn Membership via the Company’s website.
  2. Daily Burn cancel account through the cancellation form of membership.

Lets us go through the methods that are described in detail below:

(1) How do I cancel my Daily Burn Account through the Daily Burn official website

One of the methods to cancel Daily Burn membership is manually via the official website. The steps that we need to perform for Daily Burn cancel subscription is described as follows:

  1. Go to the Daily Burn Company’s website:

    Firstly, you need to visit the website of Daily Burn by the internet browsing site on your device.

  2. Log In to the account on Daily Burn:

    Now, enter the credentials such as the Username and the Login Password that are required to Log In to the Daily Burn subscription account for making the cancellation.

  3. Click on ‘Account Settings’:

    Next, navigate to the ‘Account Settings’ section by selecting the icon on the account which is below the left side corner in the Home Page.

  4. Select the ‘Manage Subscription’ tab:

    Then, click on the option on ‘Manage Subscription’.

  5. Search and click on ‘View’ to open: 

    Look for the ‘View’ options by scrolling down the manage tab and click on the button in order to open.

  6. Choose a reason on cancellation:

    Now, you may require to select a reason for which you want to cancel the Daily Burn account.

  7. Tap ‘Confirm’:

    Click on the confirm button to make sure of the cancellation.

  8. Hit on ‘Cancel My Subscription’:

    Next, after confirming you must select on the ‘Cancel My Subscription’ tab.

  9. Click on ‘Yes’ button:

    Lastly, click on the ‘Yes’ button to confirm the cancellation at the last pop-up option.

(2) How to cancel my Daily Burn account through the Company’s cancellation form:

If you are not comfortable with the online website method then you can also go for another method i.e Daily Burn subscription cancel by filling the Daily Burn cancellation form. The form is easily available on the website of the Daily Burn Company.

The steps are discussed below:

  • Go to the Daily Burn website:
    Firstly, from the preferred web browser go to the website of Daily Burn.
  • Open the company’s, FAQ Page:
    Now, directly move to the FAQ Page section on the company’s official website and click on it to open.
  • Enter the email and Password (Optional):
    Then, fill in the email address (username) and the password which is optional.
  • Click on Cancel My Subscription:
    Next, you need to hit the ‘Cancel My Subscription’ tab from the ‘Choose a Topic’ pop-up menu list.
  • Make a request for confirmation mail:
    At last, make a request for a confirmation mail or the confirmation number on the ‘Message Here’ tab.

How to cancel Daily Burn Free Trial

The newcomers can directly access the Daily Burn Free Trial service for 30days. But if you wish to cancel Daily Burn Free Trial you must cancel the subscription before the trial period ends so that you won’t get charged for the Daily Burn monthly subscription free from any of the methods described above.

How to cancel Amazon Daily Burn membership:

Two methods are available for Amazon to cancel Daily Burn subscription namely:

  • Via Amazon App Store.
  • Through Amazon Prime account.

(i) From Amazon’s App Store:

Here, from the App Store after opening you can follow the instructions by visiting the Amazon Support Page or directly move to the subscription page on Amazon App Store.

(ii) Via Amazon Prime Account:

  • Log In to the Amazon Prime Account:
    From your device, ‘Login’ to Amazon Prime with the credentials
  • Select ‘Manage Video Subscriptions’:
    Now, go to the ‘Manage Video Subscriptions’ section.
  • Search for Daily Burn subscription:
    Next, look for the subscription that you wish to cancel i.e Daily Burn from the Video Subscription list.
  • Hit on ‘Cancel Subscription’:
    Lastly, click on the ‘Cancel Subscription’ tab and tap the Confirm button.

How to cancel Daily Burn via DoNotPay App:

  • Go to the DoNotPay App:
    From the web browser access the DoNotPay app.
  • Click on ‘Find Hidden Money’ section:
    Select the ‘Find Hidden Money’ section to proceed with further steps.
  • Enter the name of the subscription to end:
    Fill the name of the service as ‘Daily Burn’ the one you wish to cancel membership.
  • Confirmation mail will be sent:
    A mail on confirmation of the cancellation will be sent to you when the process is completed successfully.
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