Cancel Discord Nitro Subscription

How To Cancel Discord Nitro Subscription

Discord Nitro is an app that helps in getting accessed at gaming worlds, easy audio, videos, image quality, and text transmission.

Discord Nitro is the prime group for the subscription of Discord. You can get access to emojis of the servers of your region, discord number. It comes with global access to custom emojis from all the servers on which you’re part of, a custom Discord number caption, avatars that are animated, and boost servers.

It contains yearly and monthly subscriptions to get the service accessed. One can enjoy the Nitro profile badge which is for the users.

Steps For Using Discord Nitro

Follow the steps for using the Discord Nitro:

  1. Firstly get access to Discord Nitro by installing the app for mobile users or browse from the computer.

  2. Then create an account using the username and password with your email address.

  3. You need to acquaint yourself with the layout of Discord.

  4. After that get access to the settings

  5. Lastly, try to edit or delete the message you sent.

As a subscriber, sometimes you may not want to continue the services or maybe not satisfied with the offers you receive. At that point, you can come to the conclusion that you will cancel the Discord Nitro subscription.

The first question may arise such as ‘Can I Cancel discord nitro?’

The answer will be ‘Yes you can.’

But there are also some of the situations in which you cannot cancel the Discord Nitro subscription:

  • Cancellation over a phone
  • Cancellation by delivering letters
  • Cancellation by visiting in person to the centre
  • Cancellation through Email

So here we will discuss the methods through which you can cancel Discord Nitro without much difficulty.

How To Cancel Discord Nitro Subscription Manually

You can cancel manually the Discord Nitro subscription by the following ways:

A). Can You Cancel Discord Nitro

Let’s discuss the above statement and for this, you need to follow the following steps for cancellation of the Discord Nitro:

  • First of all, ‘Sign in’ to the app of the Discord Nitro
  • Then tap the option ‘Support’ and select ‘Help & Support’ available at the homepage.
  • After that click on ‘Submit a request’.
  • Now select the ‘Help & Support’ button displayed under the option What can we help you with?
  • Under Type of question, you need to tap on ‘Account deletion request.’
  • Lastly, tap on the Submit button in order to complete your cancellation process.

How To Cancel Discord Nitro Subscription With The DoNotPay App

The above steps can consume much time as you may be a busy person who has no time for lengthy processes. Then you can opt-in for the app method named DoNotPay. The process of cancellation by the app is easy and can be in a few clicks.

With the help of DoNotPay app cancellation of Discord Nitro can be done, you need to follow the following instructions mentioned below:

  • Install the app:
    Firstly, download the app from the Apple Store if you are an iOS user or you can opt-in to the web browser from your desktop version.
  • Select the option:
    Then tap on the Find Hidden Money tab
  • Cancel Discord Nitro Mobile or Desktop:
    You need to type in as Discord Nitro as the subscription you want to cancel the account from your devices.
  • Confirmation mail:
    After completion of the process, you will receive a mail confirming your cancellation. Thus, you can cancel discord nitro from mobile devices or through your computer.

Can Discord Nitro Subscription Be Paused

You can pause the subscription and keep on hold your membership. You cannot use Nitro during the pause period.

Refund For Your Discord Nitro Cancellation

You can get a refund from the purchase of your membership within the first week. After the first week of the payment, you cannot request for cancellation of the subscription. For app users, must contact through the Apple Store.

Free Trial Of Discord Nitro

You need to pay a price for your free trial but you must keep in mind to cancel it otherwise you will be charged for the next period of the month.

Is There A Cancellation Fee For Discord Nitro

You can cancel the Discord Nitro subscription at any time whenever you want to. You need to press the Cancel button displayed in the Nitro Payment information page.


Thus, this article has been put forward to you so that each user of Discord Nitro can get every single information to cancel Discord Nitro subscription. But if you have any issues and want to ask on your queries then you can get help from the customer support helpdesk.

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