cancel my Dollar Shave Club Membership

How to cancel my Dollar Shave Club Membership

Dollar Shave Club is a company that offers products to the customers with personal grooming commodities by mail and it is an American firm, established in Venice which is in California. Dollar Shave Club also comes up with deliveries which is a source on the monthly services along with additional offers on grooming products on home delivery for the members.

The company of Dollar Shave Club made its publicity by its creativity on YouTube Video dealing with the subscription on razor service in the year 2012. At present, the firm is maintained by the mega-giant Unilever.

The recent reports on the marketing news on Dollar Shave Club states as the service on Dollar Shave Club subscription are gaining members at a rate of nearly 10% in a year and has around 4M members with the membership.

But, although it has millions of members with the subscription on this service yet the hauls on the razors in return might not be enjoyable for everybody with the subscription always. And because of this, you may look for ways to cancel Dollar Shave Club and what will happen when you do so while saving money and investing it on some other firm. All these confusing questions may come to your mind and so, here in this article, we have assembled a simple and easy guidance on the topic on ‘How do I cancel Dollar Shave Club membership’ in a most convenient manner.

Dollar Shave Club Cancel membership Method

Although as the member you are regularly receiving the shipments from the Dollar Shave Club Order Box, but when you realise that now you want to take a break. Here we will illustrate the instructions that you need to follow through the step by step points on ‘How do I cancel Dollar Shave Club membership?’ and all that you have to do in order to start the procedure is the login information that you had set on the account and the little of your time to spare with patience while performing the process on cancel membership Dollar Shave Club.

How To Cancel Membership On Dollar Shave Club

If you have no more feeling of love upon the beauty and grooming box of subscription and wish for Dollar Shave Club cancel order then follow the below steps on Dollar Shave Club how to cancel my membership with the mentioned 7 easy points so that you can easily go for the cancellation process for any of your reason at any time.
The steps are:

  1. Visit the HomePage on Dollar Shave Club:

    Firstly, from the official website on Dollar Shave Club through the preferred internet browsing site you need to go to the HomePage of Dollar Shave Club account.

  2. Log In to the Dollar Shave Club:

    Now in the next step, you must ‘Log In’ to the account with the required credentials such as the email address and the password that you have set on your Dollar Shave Club account.
    There is another option for logging in where directly log in through the Google Account or can ‘Sign-In’ via your Facebook account.

  3. Go to Page on ‘Account’:

    Then you move to the upper portion of the toolbar on the ‘Account Page’.

  4. Select on ‘Membership Settings’ tab:

    Next on the Account Page, search for the ‘Membership Settings’ button and select the tab to open. The option on Membership Settings will be displayed on the below of the Account Page when your order on first purchase has been shipped.

  5. Ask for ‘Help’ to cancel the subscription:

    Here you must ask the Dollar Shave Club for ‘Help me stop my subscriptions’ option.

  6. Choose a reason for cancellation:

    Then, you must specify a reason for the Dollar Shave Club membership to cancel.

  7. Tap on ‘Stop Subscription’:

    Lastly, you need to hit on the ‘Stop Subscription’ tab in order to confirm the cancellation of your account.

Thus, you will receive a confirmation mail that the account was successfully cancelled.

Helpful Note: In order to avoid getting any extra delivery, you must ensure to send the request on cancellation on its first day itself of the following month. And if you sent the cancellation request later, your cancellation may not be processed till the next month.

Hence, we hope that all the questions on ‘How to cancel Dollar Shave Club membership’ has been cleared, but if there is any trouble while cancelling the Dollar Shave Club subscription account, then you can make a direct contact to the Customer Support Care team when required for any further help.

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