Cancel Emeals Subscription

Emeals which was founded in 2003 is a business on grocery along with planned meal delivery services. Starting from then, Emeals has prepared meals for billions of families which helped them to save their time. It also

aimed to maintain delicious taste in their meals in addition to it with healthy dinners for the subscribed families.

Although it has millions of customers who were happy and satisfied with their service, yet there are some with whom it does not fit well. These customers are seen making a desire for Emeals cancel subscription.

So here in this blog we will illustrate the method on ‘Emeals cancel account subscription. You can also follow this method on your free trials with Emeals before you get charged on the subscription.

How to cancel Emeals free trial

The method for Emeals cancel is quite easy and simple. You can follow these steps on both when you are on the free trial as well as when you are on the period of payment subscription.
Here are the points stated to cancel Emeals subscription that you are required to follow step by step:

  1. Keep a note of the details that are related to the Emeals account:

    Before you go for the cancellation procedure make sure to keep ready all the relevant details and information that are related to your Emeals account like your full name, contact number, email address, Password, address, ZIP Code etc. As the representative may ask you in order to identify and verify the account.

  2. Dial to the Emeals cancellation phone number:

    In the next step, dial to any of the Emeals cancellation phone number that are mentioned below:
    (205) 721-8820 or (855) 328-2674 toll-free in order to talk with the cancellation support team.

  3. Ask them to cancel the subscription:

    Once the rep responds to your call, state them that you desire to cancel the Emeals account.

  4. State the reason for cancellation:

    The rep might try to convince you to stay with the subscription, but you need to stick with your desire and state your reason for cancelling the Emeals subscription.

  5. Confirm the cancellation:

    Lastly, ask the rep to deliver a confirmation mail on successful cancellation. You can also double check if the cancellation was done by simply logging in to your Emeals account and then checking the status of your billing.

Note: You need to remember that Emeals usually recommends its customers to cancel the subscription prior to more than 2 days from the date of next billing or they might make you pay as the subscription charges on your account at the end.

Penning down:

Thus, we hope that this guide will help you to cancel Emeals Subscription over the call.

It is sad to state that Emeals is one such of the companies in which you need to talk to their team for the cancellation purpose. It does not provide the method to cancel the account by an email, sending messages via their Chat option, text or via the website through logging in to the Emeals account.

The one and only means to go for the cancellation procedure is to make a contact with the customer support team by dialing any of the two Emeals cancellation phone numbers that have been already mentioned above and then talking with its staff about cancelling the subscription.

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