Cancel EOS Membership

Cancel EOS Membership

The EOS Fitness gym is franchised with gyms located in California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Florida. Unsatisfied with the service or it does not work out up to your expectation and wants to cancel EOS membership, then you can do so by going through this article. Here we will describe the theme on ‘How to cancel EOS Fitness membership’ along with the methods available that are provided by the gym company.

How To Cancel An EOS Gym Membership

EOS fitness cancel membership methods are mentioned on the Terms and Conditions. The methods avail to the current customer and are not for the public. Both cancellation and the refund policy differs from locality to locality.

Before cancel my EOS gym membership we must ensure so as to ascertain which of these methods are favourable to the locally situated fitness centre.

The methods are as follows:

  1. Through In-Person.
  2. Through the Mail.
  3. Via Email.
  4. Over the Phone.

(1) How do I cancel my EOS membership In-Person:

For EOS Fitness membership cancellation by this method then it is valid on the centre where we did our registration.

The requirements for cancellation are:

  • Name.
  • Contact details.
  • Address of residence.
  • The agreement ID.
  • A notice on cancellation.
  • Signature.
  • Date.

Then we enquire to the staff as to when the contract on EOS membership will get cancelled if we are eligible for a refund and the form in which the confirmation on membership cancellation will be forwarded.

(2) How to cancel my EOS membership via the Mail

In order to cancel EOS gym membership through mail we need to follow the below stated procedure.

A mail needs to be sent with a ‘Notice on Cancellation’ signed and mention date which is to be addressed to the local gym.

The address where the mail is to be forwarded:

  • Firstly, visit the website on EOS Fitness.
  • Now, tap on the tab on ‘Gym Near Me’.
  • Look on the search tab by State, city and pin code in order to find the respective gym.
  • Next, select the particular gym and then access to its contact information.

(3) EOS Fitness how to cancel membership through Email

The other method to cancel gym membership EOS is through the Email.

Send the email to its email ID address:

We need to send our email to the EOS Fitness gym service by emailing

Provide the Notice of Cancellation:

We must make sure to attach the notice of cancellation along with the email and specify the reason on cancellation.

Include the Contact details:

All the contact details including name, address, membership ID needs to be furnished so that the company may respond back easily.

(4) How to cancel an EOS membership over Phone

To cancel my EOS membership by phone we need to have the EOS cancel membership number.

We need to visit the online page on the website of EOS Fitness in order to get the EOS Fitness cancel membership number of the local gym to directly contact with the gym staff and talk about the cancellation of membership.

How to cancel EOS Fitness membership Online

The answer to the confusion on ‘Can I cancel my EOS membership online’ is ‘No’. EOS Fitness does not avail any official website to cancel EOS membership online.

Thus, EOS Fitness cancel membership online is not permitted. But the members can use any of the methods mentioned above.

How to cancel your EOS Fitness membership via DoNotPay:

EOS gym cancel membership through the application of DoNotPay makes most of the cancellation process easy and within a few time.

Here are the steps described in order to cancel EOS membership through DoNotPay app:

Go to the website of DoNotPay:

From the preferred web browser go to the online website of DoNotPay for cancelling the membership.

Click on ‘Find Hidden Money’ tab:

Next, select the tab on ‘Find Hidden Money’.

Enter the service name:

Now, type the name of the service as ‘EOS Fitness’ on which you want the subscription to end.

Wait a while for the response by DoNotPay:

Then, hold for a while to confirm the membership cancellation by DoNotPay.

Bottom lines:

Hence, from this article, we attained an idea on ‘How to cancel my EOS Fitness membership?’ anytime when there come any circumstances that we need to cancel the membership. If there is further query then you need to contact the Customer Service helpline option that is available to its online website page to locate the local gym service.

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