Cancel EPIX Subscription

Cancel EPIX Subscription

About EPIX:

First learn that EPIX and EPIX NOW both resemble two different aspects. It is that, EPIX NOW is an attached streaming service on EPIX.

  • EPIX is a U.S based which governs by providing real streaming services to enjoy a wide range of various world-famous films, pictures, and series on a single platform.
  • EPIX extends to the users through numerous digital providers and TV. However, apart from these, one of the broadly prominent streaming modes is EPIX NOW application. In this app, one can enjoy watching its favorite contents without the use of a cable TV.
  • The EPIX platform is the premium satellite TV network that can be accessed by several other platforms, it has got its own app on the iOS App Store and in Google Play Store.

If you had got the subscription on EPIX, then you can enjoy streaming the content on various devices, but take note that in order to subscribe with the EPIX subscription you will need to subscribe either from the cable television providers like Cox, Spectrum etc or from any Digital providers like Video, Amazon Prime, Xfinity, YouTube TV, Roku etc.

Nevertheless, since you are reading this, it implies that you already know about the EPIX service and now desire for EPIX cancel subscription, then no need to worry anymore, as you are on the correct page.

As in this article, we will describe on the probable methods on ‘How to cancel EPIX subscription?’ Thereby we ask you to read this article till the end.

How to cancel my EPIX subscription

So at this moment if you are looking to cancel the subscription then you can choose any of these methods that has been stated below i.e either through the EPIX official website or through the place from which you had made the subscription.

Let us look into the methods in detail:

How to cancel EPIX now or EPIX subscription via the EPIX website

If you doesn’t like to obtain the technical method then you can simply follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the official website of EPIX:

    At first, go to the EPIX’s official website from the preferred internet browsing site.

  2. Navigate to the ‘Contact Us Page’:

    Next, directly navigate to the ‘Contact Us Page’ in its home screen.

  3. Fill the form:

    Now, you need to fill the given form with the required credentials.

  4. Click on ‘Cancellation Request’:

    Then, you must click on the ‘Cancellation Request’ from the drop down list so as to select the reason on which you want to talk.

  5. Select the Provider from the drop down list:

    In the next step, from the given list select the ‘Provider’.

  6. Tap on ‘Send’ option:

    Now, tap on the option on ‘Send’ at the end after filling the form.

  7. A confirmation mail will be sent to your email address:

    At last, you will get an update or confirmation mail on your registered email address.

How to cancel EPIX now subscription on different TV Providers

Now let us look into methods to cancel the subscription on EPIX in some of the prominent Providers like Amazon Prime and Xfinity or may even contact the Cable Television Provider for requesting to cancel the subscription.

Apart from it, if you like to perform it on your own without spending much time and holding to get the response by the EPIX customer support service, then read forward to follow the steps according to the platform you use.

How to cancel EPIX subscription on Prime Video

So here are the steps discussed that you need to perform so as to cancel Amazon EPIX subscription on the Amazon Prime Video Add on Channels:

  • Open your Amazon Prime:
    Firstly, open the Amazon Prime platform.
  • Visit the ‘Manage’ section:
    Now, go to the section on ‘Manage Prime Video Channels’.’
  • Search ‘EPIX’ under the Prime Video Channel list:
    Next, search for the ‘EPIX’ under the head of the Prime Video Channels list.
  • Click on ‘Cancel Channel’:
    Then, click on the ‘Cancel Channel’ option.
  • Select the ‘Confirm’ tab:
    In the last step, select the tab on ‘Confirm’ to proceed to confirm the request on Amazon cancel EPIX subscription.

How to cancel EPIX subscription on Xfinity:

In order to cancel any of the subscriptions on Xfinity, one of the method is that: the member can go to the ‘Contact Page’ on Xfinity and via the ‘Chat’ option can request to make the cancellation and the other way to perform the cancellation request you can follow the below steps:

  • Visit to Xfinity Provider:
    At first, visit the Xfinity platform and click to open.
  • Go to ‘On Demand’:
    Next, go to the ‘On Demand’ section.
  • Click on ‘Networks’:
    Then, click on the ‘Networks’ tab.
  • Tap on ‘Subscription Add-Ons’:
    Now, tap on the ‘Subscription Add Ons’ button.
  • Search for ‘EPIX’:
    In the next step, search for the ‘EPIX’ under the subscription list.
  • Hit the ‘Manage My Subscription’ section:
    Next, hit the ‘Manage My Subscription’ menu from the Subscription Network Channel page.
  • Select on ‘Unsubscribe’ tab:
    Lastly, select the tab on ‘Unsubscribe’.

Bottom Lines:

We hope that you understood the methods and the steps to cancel EPIX subscription and thereby be able to perform it by yourself. For any query or issues feel free to directly contact the EPIX Customer Support service team through its website.