Cancel Equinox Membership

Cancel Equinox Membership

Equinox as a company on fitness has served over 20 years. It has locations of more than 60 places around the states of America, Toronto and in London. Equinox

offers a high quality when it comes upon the fitness institution and thereby loved by a wide range of people even though its membership cost a high value.

But due to some circumstances you might want to cancel Equinox membership and for this, you have to go as per the Equinox cancellation policy and as Equinox fitness is a gym franchise which is famed for the contracts in order to bind its members. This is the main reason for which it is not liked by the members and the process of cancellation becomes quite a difficult task.

Here we will describe the questions which create confusion like ‘Can I cancel Equinox membership’, ‘If you can cancel Equinox membership online’ and so on.

How To Cancel An Equinox Membership

Before going to the methods on how to cancel Equinox gym membership, let us first know what are some of the points for a member who is outside and inside the first year term.

  • Outside one year term:

The member who is outside the first year of their membership can go for the Equinox cancellation membership with the notice that is aforesaid in the agreement.

  • By furnishing a relevant notice to the manager.
  • By filling the form of cancellation and then paying for a rate in order to stop the billing.
  • A receipt of the form will be provided to you that the procedure on cancellation is complete.
  • If visiting the club becomes impossible then the member can also send the letter of cancellation through registered email address.
  • Inside one year term:

If the member is inside the first year of its membership, they need to cancel their membership with proper notice as per the agreement on the membership either for the following mentioned reasons i.e Medical and Relocation.

Medical: If the doctor marks out that you are medically unfit for a workout over more than five to six months, then you need to send the fitness company a written letter from the physician for the cancellation. You can deliver this letter to the manager in person and then fill the form of cancellation. Make sure to provide your contact details as the company may need to make direct contact with you.

Relocation: As an Equinox member, if a time comes you need to relocate 25 miles or more away from any of the Equinox, then you are eligible for the cancel fitness Equinox membership. Just provide proof on relocation for example lease, the letter from human resource, utility bill or deed to a house.

Requirements for cancel my Equinox membership:

  • The Equinox Membership ID.
  • Access to the contract on membership.
  • The reason for membership cancellation.
  • The details of your account.
  • Personal information.
  • Contact details.

Cancel Membership Equinox Methods

  1. Via In-Person.
  2. Via Mail.

(1) How To Cancel Your Equinox Membership Via In-Person

The answer to your question on can you cancel Equinox membership, is Yes. In order to cancel Equinox membership via In-Person you need to follow the below-described steps:

  1. Firstly, you have to assemble all the documents relevant for the Equinox cancellation, including the copy of the contract on Equinox membership.

  2. Look for the Equinox Fitness Club Manager.

  3. State a request on cancelling your membership.

  4. You need to fill the cancellation form given by the Staff.

  5. Pay for the pro-rate so as your billing on membership stops.

  6. As a receipt, the copy of the cancellation form will be forwarded to you which marks as the procedure is completed.

  7. You may require to pay the cost to cancel Equinox membership, if there is any.

  8. Make sure to give a review on the statement of billing which is associated with the account after 30  days and 60 days of cancelling your membership so as to confirm and that you are not charged with any extra charges.

(2) How Do I Cancel Equinox Membership Via Mail

For the Equinox cancel my membership through the mail we need to go through the below steps:

  • At first, compose a letter of cancellation including all the required documents and proofs if needed depending on the Equinox membership cancellation policy.
  • Then, forward this letter to your home club to the certified mail
  • The Equinox fitness company will then do the work of membership cancellation based upon the number of days on notice, will collect the pro-rate, and then stop the billing.
  • A confirmation will be sent to you by the post office that the Equinox company has approved the letter of cancellation.

Cancellation tip:

Usually, the members who are under the one year of their membership breaks the contract face complications, so one must ensure to be steady while the process is going on.

How To Cancel Equinox Membership Online

The answer to this question is ‘No’. The Equinox fitness company does not allow any online method for cancellation of membership. So one must follow any of the methods that are mentioned above so that you can successfully go through the process of canceling your Equinox membership.

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