How To Cancel Fitness 19 Membership

Fitness 19 is a gym network which includes fitness clubs for individuals across America. Fitness 19 organization is one which facilitates eco-friendly faculties with reasonable rates and also with the monthly membership. This Fitness 19 was established by the learned veterans. Fitness 19  delivers an extraordinary fitness image and offers healthier lifestyles to the classes. The pricing of membership will differ with the price of different clubs.

Fitness 19 delivers contracts that are short-lived thus subscribers can sustain a healthier life with reasonable rates. It provides an eco-friendly atmosphere to all the members so that it can boost morale and productivity.

However, if you are looking into ‘How do I cancel my membership at Fitness19’ then you can read this article and earn the knowledge for cancelling your Fitness 19 membership.

Fitness 19 Cancel Membership

Fitness 19 cancellation of membership is not a tough task. And if you don’t want to continue the gym membership of fitness 19 you can go for Fitness 19 cancellation. There are two options available from the Fitness 19 organisation and you can choose any of these methods between them as the Fitness 19 cancellation process.

How To Cancel Fitness 19 Gym Membership

(A) Cancel gym membership Fitness 19 through the phone

(B) Fitness 19 cancelling my membership by a letter.

(A) How To Cancel Gym Membership Fitness 19 Over Fitness 19 Cancellation Number

In order to cancel your Fitness 19 membership, you can go through the traditional method by dialing the phone number. Cancellation of Fitness 19 gym membership may not be a simpler task if you write the cancellation letter which may seem to consume much of your time. You may not be familiar with the app so it is best to call the customer care.

  • Dial the Fitness 19 cancellation phone number which is given below and then call the cancellation number at (719) 591-9100.
  • Then you need to ask the executive to cancel your membership of Fitness 19.
  • After that furnish all your personal details of the account that you want to cancel.
  • Provide your Username and password used in login
  • Your address for billing
  • The place you reside.
  • State or Region and postal code you rely on.
  • The purpose of canceling the membership.
  • Note the four Digits of your membership.
  • The last charges incurred and its amount.
  • The address of your gym was located.
  • Then inquire that the cancellation of fitness 19 is confirmed through mail or confirmation number and then keep the confirmation number as proof for future references.

(B) How To Cancel My Gym Membership At Fitness 19 Through The Mail

Though we can reach the executive by calling them, we can also cancel the membership by sending a cancellation letter to the Fitness 19 gym and we must make sure to inquire about the receipt to confirm our request on Fitness 19 canceling my membership. The written letter must include keys:

  • Our name in full detail.
  • Our intention for canceling the membership of Fitness 19.
  • Country or state we reside in full details.
  • Barcode provided to us at the time of attaining the membership.
  • The home address we live.
  • Mail address that we used while signing up.
  • Our age details.
  • Our gym address.
  • Also, note the last 4-digits of security figures.
  • Lastly, we must keep a note of the last 4-digits of our driving personal license for cancellation of a gym membership.

We need to follow the following steps:

  • At first, we will compose a letter and inquire about the Fitness 19 contract cancellation.
  • All our account details to be furnished and put our signature and take note of the date of cancellation to keep it as proof for future records.
  • And then deliver the written letter and to use mail i.e. certified delivering it to the address of our gym which we attended recently.
  • Dial the executive and call them to confirm that the Fitness 19/gym account has been canceled.
  • We must also Inquire to provide proof of certification through email or confirmation number and then keep the confirmation number of cancellation for future use.

Fitness 19 Cancel Membership Online

Fitness 19 does not offer any cancellation of Fitness 19 gym memberships through the online mode as it does not have any official website to perform the cancellation process.

But there is an answer to your question on ‘How to cancel Fitness 19 membership online‘. Here we bring an app in which one can cancel the Fitness 19 membership online. Without any hesitation and without any hassle, the membership of Fitness 19 can be canceled online. For that, you have to use the DoNotPay app in order to cancel the gym membership of fitness 19. It also consumes less time when compared to others. You can cancel membership in no time. Follow the few steps to confirm your cancellation.

  • At first, browse the DoNotPay app or download it through iOS from the Apple Store for free.
  • Click on the ‘Find Hidden Money’ tab.
  • Then type ‘Fitness 19’ as the service from which you want the membership to be canceled.
  • After that, a notification will be delivered to you confirming that they have accepted your request and canceled your fitness19 gym membership.

This app helps each subscriber to cancel the membership of fitness 19.

The third-party can also help you to cancel the membership of fitness 19. You have to keep your personal details updated so that you can furnish them whenever you are asked by them.

Thus you can go through the procedure on ‘How to cancel my gym membership at Fitness 19’ as per the Fitness 19 cancellation policy and for further assistance, you can directly call the Fitness 19 Customer Support service.

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