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3 Effective Methods to Cancel Your Fitness Connection Membership

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To have a membership with Fitness Connection is that it brings to its members all the health-related features such as spas, steam rooms, swimming pools, and other luxuries including a kid club it operates in Houston, Texas, and also has gym service features in North Carolina, Raleigh, and in Nevada. Fitness Connection was earlier known as Gold’s Gym till August of the year 2011. Thus, they come as a package of health clubs in a fitness company for the entire members of a family.

Fitness Connection offers extensive fitness workout services to support and encourage the members with the membership in making a goal to have a good and healthy life.

It is seen that Fitness Connection does not show interest in one who is fit and in good shape but concentrates on those who want a happy and healthy existence. And thereby, the Fitness Connection team works well confining their gym facility for their members.

However, if you want Fitness Connection to cancel your membership, due to your health issues or some other reasons, and because of this you are looking for ways ‘To cancel your Fitness Connection membership?’ then you are at the right platform. Here, in this article, you will get to know all the information related to Fitness Connection cancellation.

What Are The Requirements To Cancel Gym Membership With Fitness Connection?

To cancel your Fitness Connection membership, you may require some of the basic information that is relatively essential to ascertain the authenticity of your plea for cancellation. Thereby leaving no confusion and keeping it easy to handle.

  • The barcode number or key tag digits related to your membership account of Fitness Connection.
  • Your Full Name.
  • Your Birth Date.
  • Registered Phone number with the account.
  • For online cancellation submit your Username and password.
  • Your complete billing details.
  • The reason for membership cancellation.
  • The last four numbers of your payment card.
  • The amount and date of your last transaction.
  • Your Bank account number.

3 Methods:- How To Cancel The Fitness Connection

For choosing to cancel a membership with Fitness Connection, provides three methods to cancel the membership:

  • Through Online mode.
  • Via phone.
  • Through email.

1). Cancel The Fitness Connection Through Online:

To know how to cancel the Fitness Connection Online you need to follow the below points step by step:-

Make a contact to the Fitness Connection nearby to your location and then inquire about the barcode digit that directly relates to your Fitness account.

  1. Visit the official website of Fitness Connection through the preferred web browser.
  2. Now, search the Fitness Connection membership cancellation form.
  3. Enter the details and complete the cancellation form.
  4. Procure your registered Email ID 
  5. After you finish the submission of your Email address, the case number will be sent to you through an email.
  6. Now you need to submit the given case number to the Fitness Connection team and this will confirm your membership cancellation.

A 30-day notice will be forwarded to you after the Fitness Connection membership account gets canceled.

Although the process is a bit lengthy, this process works straightforwardly and completes the procedure of cancellation.

2). How To Cancel My Fitness Connection Membership Via Phone

Go through the following points if you want to cancel the Fitness Connection gym membership via phone:-

  1. First, visit the nearest or local gym and ask for your barcode number, or tag digit about your Fitness Connection membership account.
  2. Dial the Customer Care Service number 281-931-6609 to cancel the Fitness Connection membership for persons who reside in Dallas or Austin, can call the Customer Service number @ 800-922-7898.
  3. Speak to the Customer service team of Fitness Connection and give all the details related to your account. Make him clear and specify the reason that you want to cancel the Fitness Connection membership account.
  4. A confirmation email will be sent to you after the chat on cancellation.

3). How To Cancel The Fitness Connection Through An Email

To cancel the Fitness Connection gym membership through an email, you need to follow the below steps:-

  1. Step. 1

    Compose an email and send it to the Fitness Connection cancellation mailing address along with the information of your account.

  2. Step. 2

    Furnish all your details including your full name, your address, and your birth date.

  3. Step. 3

    Request to cancel your Fitness Connection cancellation.

In response to your cancellation, a confirmation mail will be delivered to your registered email ID.

How To Cancel Fitness Connection Membership Via Letter For Webster TX Cancellation

Write a letter including your full name, the address of your location, the reason for your membership cancellation, and the membership ID on the backside of the card.  Then send it to the Fitness Connection cancellation address at:- Fitness Connection. 16969 North Texas Avenue Suite 500. Webster, TX 77598.

Thus, Fitness Connection charges $0 as a cancellation fee for membership cancellation. There is no need to worry if you go through the steps appropriately when dealing with Fitness Connection gym membership cancellation without any hurdles and you can prevent further charges of fees from your account.

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