Cancel FYE Backstage Membership

Cancel FYE Backstage Membership

FYE Backstage, particularly also known as FYE VIP. Its retail store offers programs and stimulates the members with great deals on discounts.

Backstage Pass is a program that rewards the members with various services. It can be purchased from FYE through online or retail stores.

The members can enjoy up to 10℅ discounts on their purchases and exclusive deals on gifts, toys, music, T-shirts, Vinyl, Funko, and collectibles gifts. You can also enjoy other benefits, like Backstage Pass VIP membership and so on.

There are two programs for Backstage Pass:

  1. Backstage Pass VIP:-
    It is a free trial for a single month.
  2. Platinum Backstage Pass:-
    It is a membership for a year that you can purchase from any FYE store to enjoy the various services.

But sometimes it happens that you might not be satisfied with FYE and thus wants to cancel FYE Backstage VIP Pass as to spend money on something which you hardly use may not be worthy.

FYE Backstage Pass Cancel membership

In order to cancel FYE Backstage membership which would stop you from being charged then you must be ready to go through some of the steady modes. Here we will guide you on FYE Backstage pass VIP cancel membership in a very comprehensive manner.

Cancel my FYE Backstage Pass

We can enjoy FYE Backstage services by attaining the membership and can also cancel it easily if we no longer want to use it. It is to keep in mind that FYE VIP cancellation cannot proceed by visiting the retail store.

But here we will discuss the different methods through which we can cancel FYE VIP membership.

Following are the ways to cancel my FYE VIP Pass which are described in detail below:

  1. Cancel Backstage subscription FYE manually.
  2. Cancel FYE VIP membership by email.
  3. Cancel FYE Backstage membership by phone.
  4. Cancel FYE Backstage pass online.
  5. Cancel Backstage subscription FYE by delivering a letter.

1. How to Cancel Backstage Subscription On FYE Manually

In order to cancel FYE VIP membership manually whenever you don’t want to continue with the service, we have to keep the membership ID number to cancel the subscription on FYE.

2. Cancel FYE Backstage VIP Pass By Email

Here are the steps that you need to follow for FYE VIP cancellation:

  1. First, you have to use the link to send an email and ask them to cancel the FYE VIP membership.
  2. You have to put all your necessary details in the email that you are going to send along with the membership number.
  3. At last, make sure to inquire about the confirmation mail from them regarding the successful cancellation of the FYE VIP pass.

3. Cancel FYE Backstage Membership With The Help Of Phone

Here, you need to make direct contact with the agent for cancellation over the phone. Follow the steps below for FYE Backstage pass cancel:

  1. First, dial the number -1-877-351-2131 to get in touch with the executives of the FYE Backstage.
  2. Then you have to make a request to them to cancel your FYE Backstage pass VIP membership.
  3. Make sure to confirm the cancellation of membership verbally or by email as proof for future records.

4. Cancel FYE VIP Membership Online

With the help of the online site, one can handily cancel the subscription without waiting in queues or lines.

These are the following steps to be followed to cancel FYE Backstage pass online:

  • Firstly, search the Contact Us page of the firm through the preferred web browser on the official website.
  • Type your necessary details in the form as asked for.
  • In the section, Reason for Contact clicks on ‘Member Cancellation’.
  • After that submit your form.
  • You should wait for the confirmation email to receive it.

5. Cancel FYE Backstage Pass Membership By Delivering  letters

You can cancel FYE VIP membership by delivering letters, providing the personal details.

  • Firstly, request the company for cancellation of membership in the letter.
  • State all your personal details along with the membership number
  • Deliver the letter to the address below:-
    FYE Backstage Pass VIP
    P.O. Box 41248
    Nashville, TN 37204.

Cancel FYE Backstage VIP Pass With The Help Of DoNotPay App

In the above ways, we have referred to the various ways by which we can cancel Backstage subscription FYE. But there is another way to cancel the VIP Pass by the app named DoNotPay.

FYE VIP Cancellation of membership can lead to hectic and waste of time reaching the executive to answer your call. So, you can use the app DoNotPay and cancel the service hassle-free.

Follow the steps and it can be processed with a few clicks :

  • Search the browser or install from DoNotPay in your web browser or download the Apple Store if you are an iOS user.
  • Select the ‘Find Hidden Money’ tab.
  • Then click the ‘FYE Backstage Pass’ in order to cancel the service you don’t want.
  • After cancellation, an email on confirmation will be delivered to you on your registered email address.

You cannot freeze the FYE membership if you are not satisfied with the services offered.

You can receive a refund when you cancel FYE VIP membership on the day of your purchase. After the period ends you will not receive any refund. Your subscription will automatically renew the free trial if the period is over. So, you have to cancel FYE Backstage membership before the paid billing cycle ends.

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