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Hotstar is one of the considerably leading online pounding services in India and delivers VIP and Premium subscriptions with the choice to download all of the 50,000+ hours of video scope accessible on the forum. Still, it sights specific regulations on the outline, such as the measure of downloads conserved at a time, which also ceases after a specific duration.

Hotstar has a widespread volume catalogue, which comprises movies, tv shows, and live sports and news explosions.

But if you do not want to continue the Hotstar subscription anymore and confused on ‘How to cancel Hotstar Premium subscription’ then you are at the proper spot, as in this article you will get detailed information on canceling Hotstar subscription cancellation.

Cancel Hotstar Subscription

Hotstar gives various techniques for assistance cancellation. It assumes in senses that if you’ve agreed through your Apple gadget, you will also need to unsubscribe from it through iTunes manually.

Cancel Hotstar Subscription Online

Following are the few steps required to cancel the Hotstar subscription.

  • Firstly log in to your Hotstar account you wish to cancel.
  • Then go to the My Account tab in the list.
  • After that connect the Cancel Membership link.
  • Lastly, wait  for the confirmation call for the cancellation of Hotstar subscription by our executive

Cancel Hotstar Subscription Over The Phone

If you do not desire to cancel the Hotstar subscription online, you can anyway reach the firm’s customer assistance and implore them to cancel your subscription. You can get through the executive by reaching on the given contact number 833-212-2120

Notify the customer consent agent that you want to cancel your Hotstar subscription.

Furnish all the important data about your account and at last, inquire for confirmation for the cancellation of Hotstar subscription.

Cancel Hotstar Subscription Through iTunes Or iPhone

If you tried your iTunes account for your subscription, you are expected to cancel through the same outlet with few steps to be followed.

  • Firstly log in to your Hotstar account through your Apple device.
  • Then go  manually to the Settings
  • After that scroll down and select iTunes or iPhone.
  • Connect on your Apple ID and verify it for cancellation.
  • Note down to locate the Subscriptions tab.
  • Select Hotstar from the listed possibilities.
  • Then connect on Cancel and then click on ‘Yes’.
  • Wait for the confirmation call to cancel Hotstar subscription through iTunes or iPhone. 

At last, scan if your subscription has been modified from Subscribed to Cancelled and thus your process will be completed from our side and your subscription will be cancelled.

Cancel The Hotstar Subscription Through Application

You don’t have to go through the web browser to cancel the subscription, you can depend on the DoNotPay application so that it can help you to cancel your Hotstar subscription premium. Follow the steps required to cancel Hotstar subscription.

  • First, ‘Log In’ to a network browser or download the iOS application.
  • Then select “Find Hidden Money” tab
  • Then write the name in the blank as ‘Hotstar’ service, for which you wish to cancel the subscription.
  • Now, verify your email for cancellation
  • Get authorization from us within 48 hours of cancellation.

Cancel Hotstar Subscription On Android

The function to cancel subscription is presently inaccessible on Hotstar’s official application. Cancellation of Hotstar Premium Subscription on iPhone is very comparable to the steps for android. The User Interface will be slightly varied. The Hotstar App is accessible on Google play store. Once you have downloaded the application to your phone, install it and proceed the steps below.

Step – 1. Click on the icon at the top right corner. It will reveal a catalog of choices.

Step – 2. Then select on My Accounts from the menu alternative.

Step – 3. Click on “Cancel Membership”

Click on “Yes, Confirm cancellation”. If you roll “No, I have shifted my intellect will discontinue the operation”, then your cancellation of Hotstar premium subscription proposal will not be finalized.

Once the revocation is successful, An assurance message will pop up that your subscription of Hotstar premium is being cancelled.

Cancel Hotstar Subscription Using A Laptop

In order to cancel the premium subscription using Hotstar website proceed the steps illustrated.

Just log in to the Hotstar Official website with your account features. Once enrolled in successfully, go to your account category by connecting on the user icon at the top right corner of the location and then click on My Account.

Then click ok on the Cancel Membership junction on the My Account page.

Connect to Confirm Cancellation link.

Lastly, wait for the confirmation, once discontinued you will be informed about it that your US Hotstar subscription cancellation is done.

Hotstar Yearly Subscription Cancellation Refund

Hotstar does not propose a Hotstar subscription refund once you cancel your subscription. Once you cancel your Hotstar membership, you won’t be authorized for the next month, but you cannot get a Hotstar subscription refund for any last month you were billed. If you don’t want to spend for the assistance and just want to take pleasure in it for a month, do discontinue the premium subscription 4–5 days later, the day you have begun your free session.

Hotstar has plainly depicted in their tenures and conditions that they will let you appreciate the Premium assistance for an entire month, no consequences when you cancel your subscription in that specific month i.e free trial.

Also, if you are discussing the preliminary reduction which you may confront with debit cards, then you don’t need to be concerned, zero will be deducted if the corporation has not cited it in the periods of conditions, which in this trial is obviously not spoken of.

Hence, from the above-cited methods, you cancel easily cancel Hotstar subscription and for any issues, you can directly contact to the customer care service helpdesk.

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