How To Cancel HP Instant Ink Subscription

How To Cancel HP Instant Ink Subscription

Sometimes, possessing a printer can come up with a drawback that you may forget to refill the cartridge ink. This is the reason that subscribers use the paid version of the HP Instant Ink assistance. When your printer has low ink then you will be delivered a cartridge ink. It is subscribed by 2 Million members and if you want to avail the facilities offered, you can directly purchase the ink from any store.

Sometimes it happens that you may feel like cancelling hp instant ink subscription because you may be unable to enjoy the benefits offered by the hp instant subscription. So in this article, we will describe the topic ‘How to cancel hp instant ink?’

Methods On HP Instant Ink How To Cancel

Let us first discuss the methods through which you can cancel hp instant ink.

But before that, it is to note that we cannot go through the cancellation procedure via the following methods such as:

  • Cancel hp instant ink through email.
  • Cancel hp instant ink subscription through visiting in person.
  • Cancel my hp instant ink by delivering letters.

The only methods available through which  can you cancel hp instant ink is described in detail below:

hp instant ink cancel account subscription can be done by two modes:

  • By contacting over a phone
  • By online method through the company website.

(i) How To Cancel My HP Instant Ink Subscription Over The Phone Number

Here is the process you need to go through in order to cancel your hp instant ink by which you can make direct contact to the executive team:

  • At first, make sure to keep all the detailed information of your account and personal details at hand, that may be required to provide it to your customer assistance when they ask for it.
  • Dial the HP Customer Support phone number at 1โ€‘855โ€‘785โ€‘2777 and tell the executive that you no longer want the hp instant ink service to continue.
  • Ask for the confirmation mail to the agent which may be needed for future reference and thus your hp instant ink gets canceled.

(ii) How To Cancel Your HP instant Ink Subscription Through Online Mode

You can manually cancel the membership. For this, you need to follow the following procedure step by step:

  • Firstly, search the company’s website page through your preferred web browser and then log in to the account.
  • Then on the account sheet, tap on the ‘My Plan’ category.
  • After that, select the ‘Edit’ option.
  • Now select ‘Cancel enrollment’ displaying on the bottom to the left of the page.
  • By selecting on cancel service you can confirm the cancellation hp instant ink account.
  • At the end of the process, an email confirming the cancellation will be displayed on your email address.

If you are looking for the cancellation of the HP Instant Ink subscription by own manually, you can do it over the phone or through the online method via the company’s website. You must also make a  note that the Hp Instant ink cancellation will be in effect from the final day of the recent period of billing and does not depend on the actual date of your HP Instant Ink service cancel subscription.

HP Instant Ink Cancel Subscription Through DoNotPay App

If by chance the above-mentioned methods are not suitable or are not easily accessible and the process is lengthy, then you can go for other option available that is to use another method i.e. DoNotPay app method. By using the DoNotPay app, one can simply cancel the Hp instant Ink subscription anytime.

Cancel The HP Instant Key Account Subscription Via The DoNotPay App

Through this method, cancellation of the hp instant ink subscription service becomes easy and does not consume much time.

Follow the instructions below :

  • Follow the instructions below :
  • Then you need to tap on the ‘Find Hidden Money’ section.
  • Type ‘hp instant ink’ as the name of the service in the search bar, the one which you want to cancel.
  • A confirmation email will be delivered to you after successful cancellation of your hp instant ink account.

Using Cartridges After Cancelling HP Instant Ink

It may happen that sometimes you can face problems after cancelling the hp instant ink services. Unless your prepaid plans come to end it will remain active. After ending the plan your cartridges will not function and at that time you may also look for repairing it or to replace. Many problems can arise such as the interrupted mid-page or not properly printed. If you are planning to cancel hp instant ink then you need to keep the spare ink cartridges beforehand.

HP Instant Ink Cancellation Policy

We should make sure to read through the cancellation policy before the service cancellation.

  • Cancellation of HP Instant can be done without any penalty anytime.
  • The cartridges of Hp Instant ink do not work when the period of billing ends.
  • If you wish to proceed the printing even when your cycle on the billing ends, then you must make sure to have alternate ink of the cartridges prepared to use.
  • When there is an extra charge on supplementary printing, you might be charged from your credit card.
  • Depending on the period when you do your cancellation, your charge may occur next month.

Thus, from the above-mentioned article, you can go for the cancellation of Hp Instant ink subscription effortlessly but if it does not match your taste any more and if you are still stuck you can ask for the assistance from the Customer Support Service of the team of Hp Instant Ink online service. 

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