Cancel Lexington Law Membership

Cancel Lexington Law Membership

Lexington Law is the leader of credit repair. They are the trusted one which fights for the rights of each and every customer. You can get a fair and accurate credit report. It restores the credit scores for users living across the U.S. It helps in making overdue payments,  hard investigation, unpaid collections, and also disappears from your credit report. It removes negative credit reports for hundreds of thousands of subscribers who subscribe each year.

However, if you are unable to get the benefits of Lexington Law and thereby wishes to cancel Lexington law subscription then here you are at the right platform as here we will guide you on ‘Lexington Law how to cancel’ through the various methods that are available.

How To Cancel Lexington law Subscription

Lexington law users can subscribe to the membership whenever they want to but if you want to cancel Lexington law subscription and have been confused about which way to chose or not, then go through this article as it will help you out to clear all your confusion.

Lexington Law cancellation of membership  cannot proceed through the following methods like:

  • You cannot cancel the Lexington Law membership by sending an email.
  • Delivering letters
  • Visiting the center for canceling the Lexington Law membership in person.

So here are the methods that Lexington law services providers in order to cancel Lexington Law account membership.

If you do not want to continue with the service you can cancel the Lexington Law subscription by following the different methods:

  1. Cancel Lexington law membership through online website
  2. Cancel Lexington law subscription by contacting over the phone

Let us discuss the above points briefly but in detail which will help you to cancel your Lexington Law account:

1. How To Cancel My Lexington Law Account Online

From the above question it clears all your doubts on ‘Can I cancel Lexington Law online’ and thus, for cancelling Lexington Law account online, here are the steps that you need to follow to solve your problem on Lexington Law cancellation.

In order to cancel Lexington Law membership online perform the below-mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, select the ‘Contact us’ option mention at the bottom of the page of the Lexington Law page which we can visit through its official website.
  • After that, we can chat in the chatbot in which the company’s bot will reply to answers to our questions.
  • Now we have to ask them to cancel my Lexington law account online. They are available to us so that we can chat with them for any query on Lexington Law from Monday to Friday.

Thus, with the help of the company website, we can easily cancel our Lexington Law account online.

2. How To Cancel Lexington Law Membership With The Help Of Phone

You can get help from the executive for canceling the subscription. You just need to follow the following steps for the cancellation of Lexington law over the phone:

  • You can reach the executive to cancel the membership by dialing the Lexington Law cancellation phone number -800-341-8441 which is toll-free.
  • You have to wait or hold for a while so that your call may connect to any of the agents of the company.
  • Once they give a response, you have to request them to cancel the Lexington law membership.
  • Keep all the personal details at hand so that it will be easy for cancelling the Lexington law account. You have to provide the details such as- your name in all, address, contact number, security number, and lastly the email address which is connected with the Lexington law account.
  • You might also be charged by the company for the last time until the period of your account cancellation.
  • And also keep in mind to ask about the confirmation of your Lexington law cancellation through email.

The agent may try to convince you from not cancelling the Lexington law account but you have to be prepared for this beforehand. They are well qualified and trained and can tackle any situation that comes their way. They don’t want to lose their customers.

How To Cancel Lexington Law Subscription Through DoNotPay App

The above two modes can help you for cancelling the membership but it may be lengthy in process. There is also another way to cancel the Lexington law subscription such as the application mode.

The DoNotPay app is very easy to access and free of cost. You can use the app on Apple gadgets or any of the web browsers for cancelling purposes.

You don’t need to wait in queues to chat with the chatbot or wait for a call to connect the agent for cancellation.

DoNotPay app has its own ability to cancel the membership, you have to follow the following steps for it :

  1. Firstly, download the app from the Apple Store if you are an iOS user or search the app in the web browser.
  2. Then click on the ‘Find Hidden Money’ button.
  3. After that enter in the ‘Lexington Law’ tab, the service that you wish to cancel.
  4. Now add your required email address so that you can get the confirmation mail on the successful cancellation of your Lexington law membership account from the firm.

These steps will lead you to fasten the procedure of your Lexington law cancellation of the membership process. They monitor the subscription and save your money as well as time.

Lexington Law Cancel Refunds

It is for the information that the members of the Lexington law that they don’t give back any refunds for cancelling Lexington Law subscription account.

Hence, from the above-mentioned methods, you can easily go to the process on how to cancel Lexington Law membership in a hassle-free manner and if you are facing any issues and want guidance then you can directly contact the Lexington Law customer support helpdesk.

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