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Cancel Lumosity Subscription: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Just as exercise or body training is required to keep the body fit, similarly, exercise and mind training are required to keep the mind fit. And the lumosity app helps you a lot with brain training. This is a brain training app, in which you are provided with memory, attention speed, flexibility, and problem-solving activities. Lumosity has more than 60 games. Lumosity is an adaptive, research-based brain training program that lets you challenge and practice abroad range of mental abilities. Lumosity provides daily based brain exercise, it maintains your brain training habit. Lumosity brings you to the scientific task into a fun game. They provide some basic versions for free, but if you want full access then you have to pay for this.

If you are bored with this app or you want to unsubscribe to it for any other reason, then you can cancel your subscription through these methods.

Top 3 Methods to Unsubscription Lumosity

Here are three methods that you can follow to cancel your lumosity subscription:-

  1. LUMOSITY Subscription Cancel Through Android App
  2. LUMOSITY Subscription Cancel Through Website
  3. LUMOSITY Subscription Cancel Through iPhone Or iPad

❌ How To Cancel Lumosity Subscription Through Android App

If you use lumosity on an Android device, then you can cancel your subscription by following these steps:-

  1. First Open LUMOSITY App On Your Android Device.
  2. Then Click On the More Option, Now Tap On the Account Setting Option.
  3. After That Click On LUMOSITY Subscription” Option.
  4. In The End, Click On the “Cancel Subscription” Option Which Is on the Bottom Side of The Page.

❌ Canceling Lumosity Subscription On The Website

If you purchased your lumosity through the website, then you have to follow these steps to cancel your subscription:-

  1. Open Your Browser And Go To the Search Bar Then Enter The Website Link:-
  2. If Asked To Log In, Only Then Log In Your Account.
  3. To Cancel Your Subscription Click On the Auto-Renewal Button.

❌ Unsubscribe Lumosity Via iPhone/iPad

If you purchased your lumosity through iPhone or ipad then you have to follow these steps to cancel your subscription:-

  1. Firstly Open Your iPhone Or iPad And Go To The Settings App.
  2. Then Click On iTunes & App Store.
  3. Tap On Your Apple ID.
  4. Now, Click On View Apple ID.
  5. If You Asked To Log in to Your Apple Account, Only Then Log In.
  6. Click On the Subscription Button.
  7.  Then Choose the LUMOSITY Option to cancel Your Subscription.

You Can Also Cancel Your Subscription Over The Call

For This, You Have to Call On This Number:- (877)777-0502


  • If You Cancel Your Subscription, Then The History Of Your Games And Your Personal Settings Will Also Be Removed Permanently.
  • Accounts that have Premium Access Cannot Be deleted, But You Can Cancel The Auto-Renewal And Wait For Your Subscription To Be Canceled, Or You Can Email LUMOSITY And Ask For Immediate Account Deletion.
  • If You Want A Refund, Then You Have To Sign In First And Then Fill out The Refund Request Form.

To Get A Refund:

Go To:-

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