How To Cancel Mate1 Subscription

How To Cancel Mate1 Subscription

In today’s world online dating is taking its tremendous popularity and for which new sites on dating have been popping everywhere.

One such site is Mate1. Many of us get the subscription to date online but sometimes realisation might come and you may think that you do not need this subscription anymore and thereby wish to cancel the subscription. So here for your convenience we would bring to you the methods to cancel Mate1 subscription.

Some Of The Requirements For Mate1 Cancel Subscription

The list of details which one needs to keep ready at the time of cancelling the subscription:

  • First name of the member.
  • Member Last name.
  • Birth Date.
  • Contact number.
  • Username on
  • Password of the
  • Registered email Address.
  • The billing address.
  • State/Region/Province.
  • City
  • Postal Code or ZIP Code.
  • Country of Residence.
  • The last four(4) digits of the Card.
  • Amount last charged.
  • Date of the last charge.
  • Reason for the cancellation.

How To Cancel Mate1 Subscription

There are three methods available comprising the Online and Offline mode for cancel membership.

  • Through the website.
  • Via an Email.
  • Over the Phone.

Let us discuss on these methods in detail below:

i. How to cancel the subscription to through the website online

Step 1: Visit the official website of
At first, one needs to visit the official website at  through the preferred internet browsing site.

Step 2: Log In to the account:
In the next step, log in to the account with the registered Email Address and account Password.

Step 3: Go to the ‘Settings’ section:
Then, in the account go to the section on ‘Settings’.

Step 4: Hit on the ‘Account Settings’ tab:
Now, hit the tab on ‘Account Settings’ to get the subscription details.

Step 5: Tap on the ‘Subscription Status’:
Next, tap on ‘Subscription Status’ to cancel subscription

Step 6: Click on ‘Cancel’ button:
In this step, click the button on ‘Cancel’.

Step 7: Select on ‘Submit’ option:
Lastly, select the option on ‘Submit’ to confirm the cancellation of the subscription.

Note: If cancellation of the subscription is made in middle of the month, then no refund will be credited on that particular month of the membership. So one must cancel its subscription before the start of the next period of billing.

ii. How to cancel my subscription via an Email

The steps one need to follow to cancel subscription through an email are as follows:

  1. Write an Email to the company:

    Firstly, write an email to

  2. Make a request to cancel the account:

    Then, in the email, make a request to the agent to cancel the account on subscription.

  3. Ask if you are eligible for a refund:

    Next, ask the rep if you are eligible to get a refund at the time of cancellation.

  4. Ensure to get a confirmation email or code as evidence for cancellation:

    Now, ensure to get the confirmation email or confirmation code and retain it as a proof of cancellation for future reference.

  5. Forward the composed email to the company’s email:

    In the last step, you need to forward the composed email to the

iii. How to cancel subscription on Mate1

In order to cancel Mate1 account over the Phone (via Live Agent) follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Dial to Mate1 cancel membership phone number:
    Firstly, dial to the phone number at 1-888-688-4760.
  • Select the option no.3:
    Next, choose the option no.3 to talk directly to the live agent.
  • Talk to the agent that you wish to cancel the subscription:
    Then, talk to the agent on cancel membership.
  • Furnish the details of your account to the agent:
    In the next step, furnish all the details and information related to the account so that the agent could identify the account.
  • Ask for if there is any cancellation fee or refund:
    Now, ask the agent if you need to pay any cancellation fee or eligible for a refund on the subscription.
  • Get an confirmation email or code on cancellation:
    Lastly, make sure to get the confirmation mail or code number on successful cancellation and be careful to retain it for any future records.

Thus, through this article, you can easily go for the cancel membership account by choosing any of the above mentioned methods and performing it thoroughly still if you have any issues or confusion then feel free to contact the customer support team for guidance.

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