Cancel McAfee Subscription

A brief on McAfee:

  • McAfee is known to be the most former, prominent antivirus, a security software company, and an anti-malware application that is used in a wide range by more than 500M users.
  • It is used to provide protection to our computer or smartphone from various malicious threats, malware viruses, and unwanted harmful programs on our system by any outer apps that wander around the Internet.
  • McAfee software application is regarded to be a great sophisticated antivirus provider. It enables the users to achieve details of the provider and information on the account user.

Despite delivering such services and features yet sometimes it irritates its users by being overprotective. McAfee may block those programs that a user wishes to perform for which some of the users desire to cancel McAfee.

So if you are searching on ‘How can I cancel my McAfee subscription’ then stop here, as you are on the right page. Through this blog we will bring to you the methods on McAfee Intel Security cancel subscription.

Thereby we advise you to read this article on ‘How do I cancel my McAfee subscription’ till the end so that you get your answers and can choose any of the below mentioned methods on cancelling McAfee auto renewal subscription.

How To Cancel McAfee Subscription

There are both Online and Offline method via which one can cancel McAfee subscription i.e

  1. Through McAfee official website
  2. Over the Phone

Let us discuss this methods in detail below:

1. How do I cancel McAfee online through its official website:

On McAfee cancel your subscription via its website then you can perform the following steps below:

  1. Visit the McAfee official website:

    At first visit the official website of McAfee through your desired internet browsing site.

  2. Enter the ‘LogIn’ details:

    In the next step, enter the log in credentials such as the Username and the Account Password to login to the McAfee account.

  3. Click on the ‘Log In’ tab:

    Now, click the tab on ‘LogIn’.

  4. Move to the ‘Auto-Renewal Settings’ section:

    Then, directly move to the section on ‘Auto-Renewal Settings’.

  5. Tap on ‘Toggle’ so as to ‘Turn Off’:

    Next, tap on the ‘Toggle’ option to turn off the subscription.

  6. Hit the ‘Turn Off’ button to confirm:

    On next, hit on the ‘Turn Off’ option to confirm the cancellation.

  7. Click on ‘Yes, turn it Off’ button:

    Lastly, click the button on ‘Yes, turn it Off’ to complete the process on cancellation of the subscription successfully.

2. How to cancel my McAfee subscription over the Phone:

McAfee subscription can be cancelled by making contact with the representative by dialling the McAfee phone number cancel subscription.

In order to cancel my McAfee subscription over the phone here are the steps one must follow:

  • Dial the McAfee cancellation phone number:
    Firstly, dial at 1-866-622-3911 to contact McAfee to cancel subscription.
  • Talk to the Customer Support rep to cancel mcafee renewal subscription:
    Next, talk to the rep that you desire to cancel the McAfee subscription and ask them to do so.
  • Provide the details of your account if needed:
    Then, provide the details that are related to your McAfee account to the rep such that it helps the rep to identify your account when needed.
  • Ask about the confirmation email:
    At the next step, make sure to ask the rep about the confirmation email on cancellation.
  • Retain the email once received:
    Lastly, you must ensure to carefully retain the email once you received from the company.

Final Say:

Thus, we hope that now you can easily go for the procedure on How to cancel McAfee by following any of these two methods as per your choice. Still for any help or query feel free to contact the Customer Support helpline number.

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