How To Cancel Meetville Membership

How To Cancel Meetville Membership

Meetville is one of the social network websites that also serves as a dating website. It was launched in the year 2010 by Mark Fedin and Alexander Sergeev. The company is acquired by Avanta which also manages other dating websites. Nearly 24 million members are currently on Meetville. More than 80,000 members are regular users of this website. In order to sign up with Meetville one needs to be 18+. Meetville can be used by customers from countries such as Canada, Saudi Arabia, India, United Arab Emirates, France, United Kingdom, New Zealand, United States, Indonesia, Germany, Australia, Qatar, Malaysia, Spain and Mauritius.

It may happen that after you bought the subscription you no longer have the interest to continue the subscription or may be for reasons like any financial problem or doesn’t get enough time to use it and seem like wasting money or for security issues and so on.

And so if you are looking to cancel the subscription, delete your account and permanently remove the information and details then here you are at the right place. In this blog we will bring to you the methods on how to cancel Meetville subscription on Android or iPhone through the online method and also on the Offline mode.

List Of Some Of The Details As Requirements

Before going to cancel Meetville subscription one must keep ready the following information and details which may require during the cancellation procedure:

  • Full Name of the member (Both First and Last name).
  • Contact Number.
  • Birth Date.
  • Email Address.
  • Username of the account.
  • Password.
  • Address on billing.
  • City.
  • Province/ State/ Region
  • Postal Code/ ZIP Code.
  • Country.
  • Last four(4) digits of the Card.
  • The date of last charged.
  • Amount that was last charged.
  • Reason for cancellation of the membership.

How To Cancel Meetville Membership

The methods consist of both Online mode and Offline mode through which you can cancel the Meetville account.

  1. Cancel through an E-mail
  2. Cancel via Mobile App ( iPhone and Android)

Let us discuss on these two methods in detail below:

i. How to Meetville cancel subscription via an Email

The steps one need to perform so as to cancel Meetville subscription through email, requesting the company to delete the account from the company’s database are as follows:

  1. Open your registered email account.

    Firstly, go to the email account which was registered with Meetville.

  2. Compose an Email:

    In the next step, compose an email on cancellation.

  3. At Subject field write ‘Request to cancel my account’:

    Next, in the Subject tab, write as ‘Request to cancel my Meetville account’.

  4. Send it to the address on

    Then forward the mail to the mailing email address of Meetville at

  5. Include all the details of your Meetville account:

    Now, make sure to include all the information and details of the Meetville account so as to identify your account.

  6. Ask the rep to cancel your account or any information about you from their database:

    In the main part ask the representative to get your account cancelled permanently from Meetville including any details or photos from their databases.

  7. Retain the confirmation mail on the cancellation:

    Lastly, get the confirmation mail on cancelling the membership and make sure to retain the confirmation code or email as for future records.

ii. How to cancel a subscription on Meetville through the Mobile app

Both iPhone and Android users can cancel their account through the Meetville Mobile App. So the steps on how to cancel Meetville membership on iPhone and Android has been described below:

Step1: Go to the Meetville Mobile Application:
At first, from your iPhone device or Android device, directly go to the Meetville Mobile App and click to open.

Step2: Click on the icon with three straight lines at the left top corner:
Next, just click on the menu icon with three straight lines which is at the left top corner on the screen.

Step3: Hit on ‘My Profile’ section:
Then, hit on the ‘My Profile’ section to go into your account.

Step4: Click on ‘Settings’ tab:
In the next step, go to the tab on ‘Settings’.

Step5: Select on the ‘Account Settings’:
Now, select the ‘Account Settings’ tab.

Step6: Click on ‘Delete account’ option:
Next, click on the option on ‘Delete Account’ .

Step7: Specify the reason for cancellation of the Account:
In this step, you need to specify the reason for cancelling the Meetville membership.

Step8: Hit the ‘Delete’ tab to get your account finally cancelled:
Lastly, hit on the ‘Delete’ tab so as to confirm your cancellation of Meetville account.

Note: While working on mobile, in order to permanently delete the account, one must keep a note to uninstall the Meetville app from the mobile device.

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