How To Cancel A NatureBox Subscription

How To Cancel A NatureBox Subscription

Many of the times it happens that we feel bored to cook but also have the crave to eat healthy snacks and foods and that is what NatureBox brings to you. NatureBox comes up with a delivery service of snacks that delivers its members with a healthy low-fat and low-sugar and also CBD Snacks including numerous food supplements.

But if you want for NatureBox cancel membership as you might not need it anymore and being charged with the subscription fee on which you hardly use. So in this blog, we will talk on different methods that one can use on ‘How to cancel NatureBox account?’

How To Cancel My NatureBox Subscription

The various methods through which NatureBox cancel subscription can be carried out is described below.

  1. Cancel NatureBox through the Online method.
  2. How to cancel NatureBox after free trial through an Email.
  3. Cancellation of NatureBox subscription over the phone.

Let us go through these methods in detailed:

1. How To Cancel NatureBox Subscription Online

In order to cancel the NatureBox subscription via Online method, we need to perform the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Visit the website of NatureBox:

    Firstly, from the preferred web browser go to the official site of the NatureBox service.

  2. Go to the Sign-In homepage:

    Now, directly move to the Login homepage through the website.

  3. Enter the credentials as per required:

    Next, fill the blank boxes with the required credentials to get sign-in to the NatureBox account.

  4. Click on the Sign-In button to get into the account on NatureBox:

    Then, one must select the button on ‘Sign-In’ for the cancellation of the NatureBox account.

  5. Hit the ‘Manage Subscription’ tab:

    In the next step, tap on the section on ‘Manage Subscription’.

  6. Select the ‘Chat Now’ option:

    Now, select the button on ‘Chat Now’ which is at the left bottom corner.

  7. Click on option ‘Three’:

    Then hit on the option ‘Three (3)’ that will appear on the displayed screen.

  8. Allow the agent to know on the cancel of NatureBox subscription:

    So, at last, you must let the envoy of NatureBox subscriptions know about the cancellation of NatureBox subscription.

2. How To Cancel Naturebox Membership Through An Email

The steps to cancel NatureBox membership via Email is as follows:

  • Compose an email:
    At first, you need to compose an email asking them to cancel the subscription.
  • Provide personal details:
    The mail must include the member’s full name, billing details and address, login information, phone number and so on.
  • Send it to the company’s email address:
    Then, forward the composed email to which contains the request on cancel of subscription.
  • Receive a ‘Confirmation Email’:
    Lastly, a confirmation email will be sent to you after some business days.

3. How To Cancel NatureBox Subscription Via The Phone

The points to follow for naturebox cancel my subscription account are:

  • Dial the NatureBox company’s customer care number:
    Firstly, dial the contact number of the NatureBox Customer help team at 888-613-6998.
  • Talk to the agent to get cancel the membership:
    Then, we must directly talk to the agent so as to cancel my NatureBox subscription.
  • Ask the company’s agent to send an email for confirmation:
    Make sure to ask the agent to send the email on the confirmation of the canceling of the NatureBox account.

NatureBox How To Cancel Via DoNotPay App

The above modes may take time but this app i.e DoNotPay application seems to work a bit faster when compared to the above methods.

Here are the steps that we need to follow:

  • Go to the web browser and open the ‘DoNotPay’ app:
    From the internet browsing site open the application of ‘DoNotPay’ on the device.
  • Select the ‘Find Hidden Money’ tab:
    Now, click on the tab on ‘Find Hidden Money’ to proceed further on cancellation.
  • Enter the name of the service:
    Next, fill in the name of the service that one wishes to cancel such as ‘NatureBox’.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you:
    So at last, a confirmation email will be received by you on the cancellation which may be needed for future reference.

Bottom Lines:

Thus, from the methods illustrated above you can easily cancel NatureBox after free trial whenever you want to. Just make sure to go through the steps thoroughly. But still, if there is a query or confusion then make direct contact with the Customer Support group of NatureBox Company for any immediate guidance.

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