Cancel Newsday Subscription

Cancel Newsday Subscription

News reading is one of the essential habits that one needs to have in order to know about what is going on in the surroundings, in the country (through national news)/as well across the globe (through International news). This is what Newsday brings up to their customers.

Newsdays is one of the daily newspaper which was introduced in the year 1940 by Harry Guggenheim and Alicia Patterson.

This paper is made attainable throughout the metropolitan area of the New York City. Although its major distribution areas include Suffolk, Nassau and the town of Queens in the City of New York.

In 2014, Newsday was successful to achieve 437k subscribers on weekdays, as 434k subscribers on Saturday’s and 495k as Sunday Subscribers.

The office of Newsday is in Melville, New York in the Suffolk County. In 2018, the Newsday paper was acquired by the CEO Patrick Dolan, who was the sole owner of the company after his fathers share of the ownership got transferred.

All of the Newsday subscription comprises of coupons which were sent to its subscribers and also the subscribers can make digital access to the website of paper at and the company also provide Newsday app which also includes paper delivery.

But due to any reason you may need to cancel Newsday digital subscription. As it is seen in many of the subscriptions, that subscribers/members usually find themselves that they are unable to manage the time to go through or read the newspaper and for which the newspaper may be stacking up on the doorstep or may be in the inbox ( for the one who owned the digital subscription). Moreover the subscription fee $40 and additional charges per month seems to start adding on financial pressure when you are not able to get the true value of the service.

List of requirements to cancel Newsday subscription

There are some of the requirements that one needs to keep ready and must provide at the time of cancellation which includes Personal Information and account details.

Such as:

  • First name of the subscriber
  • Last name of the subscriber
  • Registered email address
  • Address
  • City
  • Province/ State/ Region
  • Postal Code or ZIP Code
  • Contact Number
  • Username
  • Password

How to cancel Newsday digital subscription

By looking for the convenience of its subscribers Newsday provides easy and simple methods on cancellation to the members.

Newsday does not have any official website through which the subscribers can cancel Newsday subscription online.

But the online method comes in to play only through the method of email.

The methods through which we can cancel Newsday includes:

  1. Cancel through an Email.
  2. Cancel over the Phone.

The process of each has been discussed in detail below.

1. How to cancel a Newsday subscription online via an Email:

The steps to cancel Newsday online subscription through the Email are as follows:

  1. Compose an Email:

    At first, you must compose an email on cancellation.

  2. Make a request to cancel the subscription:

    In the next step, request the Newsday service that you need to cancel the subscription on Newsday.

  3. Provide the required details:

    Now, furnish all the personal details and account information required to identify your account when asked by the agent.

  4. Forward it to the company’s email address:

    Next, forward the email to the Newsday digital paper company address at

  5. Ask about the confirmation email: 

    Then make sure to ask about the confirmation email or number from the company on successful cancellation.

  6. Retain the confirmation email or numbers:

    Lastly, it is advisable that you retain the confirmation email or the numbers provided by the company for future records.

2. How to cancel Newsday subscription over the Phone via Live Agent

In order to cancel my Newsday subscription over the Phone we need to perform the following steps that are mentioned below:

Step1: Call to Newsday cancel Phone Number:
Firstly, dial the Newsday cancel Phone Number at: 1-877-545-4834 and directly talk about the cancellation to the Phone Live Agent.

Step2: Make a request to cancel the account:
Next, request the rep that you wish to cancel the Newsday account.

Step3: Furnish the account details:
In the next step, furnish all the personal details and account information to the rep when asked, so as to easily get your account.

Step4: Ask for a refund if eligible:
Then, you can ask the agent for a refund and check if you are eligible for the refund as the terms and conditions.

Step5: Request the rep to give you a confirmation email or number:
Now, request the rep to get you an email or number on confirmation upon the cancellation of the account.

Step6: Maintain the Confirmation email or the numbers for future reference:
At last, you must make sure to maintain the confirmation email or the confirmation numbers carefully for any future reference.

Thus, by performing any of these above mentioned methods one can simply cancel Newsday digital subscription account with less hardship but if you have any query then it is suggested that you can contact the customer support team for suggestions.

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