How to cancel Nintendo Online subscription

  • Nintendo Switch Online was started in 2018 and is known to be a largely subscribed platform on gaming throughout the world.
  • Nintendo Online gets you to access to an enhancing library of NES games along with allowing access to the online attributes on some of Nintendo Switch best games and also the Voice Chat app of Nintendo Switch Online.
  • It has over 15M subscribed gamers over the globe.

Although a large group of users are happy with the service, yet there are some of the users who are not satisfied. If you think you are one of them and have decided to cancel Nintendo Online, then this guide is for you.

Here, in this page we will discuss the methods on ‘How to cancel Nintendo Online’ with the steps to do so.

How to cancel Nintendo Online Membership

It is seen that many of the users get confused on how to cancel Nintendo Switch Online membership and visits from page to page. The methods that we have illustrated here will surely add relief to cancel Nintendo Online subscription.

There are two methods by which one can go for the Nintendo Online subscription cancel service

  1. Via the Nintendo website.
  2. Through Nintendo Switch Console.

Let us look into these methods to cancel Nintendo Switch Online subscription in detail below:

1. How do I cancel my Nintendo Online subscription through the Nintendo website

The steps on Nintendo Switch Online cancel subscription are as follows:

  1. Go to the official website of Nintendo:

    Firstly, through your preferred web browser go to Nintendo’s official website on your computer or phone.

  2. Enter details to ‘LogIn’:

    Then, provide the relevant details to login to the Nintendo account.

  3. Tap on the ‘Account’ icon:

    Next, once logged in, tap the avatar which is at the right top corner on the displayed page.

  4. Select on ‘Settings’ tab:

    Now, select the tab on Settings from the pop-up list.

  5. Locate on ‘Your Subscriptions’ section:

    In the next step, locate the section on Your Subscriptions and select it when you find it.

  6. Choose on ‘Check Nintendo Switch Online membership status’ option:

    Then, choose the Nintendo membership to know the status, which will be under the Your Subscriptions tab.

  7. Hit the ‘Turn Off’ button:

    At last, hit the button on Turn Off on automatic renewal so as to complete the process on Nintendo cancel Online subscription.

Note: Remember that you need to perform the process on Nintendo cancel Online membership account prior to 48 hours from the next period on billing. And if you forgot to accomplish this on time, then you may get charged by Nintendo even for the coming month.

2. How to cancel your Nintendo Switch Online subscription through Switch Console:

One can simply go through the Switch Console to cancel Nintendo subscription Online in a straight way. The steps required are as follows:

  • Go to Nintendo eShop:
    To begin, first, visit the Nintendo eShop which is on the Switch console.
  • Tap on the ‘Icon’ of the user:
    Now, simply tap the icon of the user which is situated at the right upper corner of the displaying screen.
  • Scroll below to locate ‘Nintendo Switch Online:
    Next, you must scroll below so as to locate the Nintendo Switch Online subscription.
  • Click on the ‘Nintendo Online’ button:
    Then, once you find it, click the button on Nintendo Online from the drop-down list.
  • Select the ‘Turn Off’ option:
    Lastly, select the option on Turn Off automatic renewal so that it will stop renewing the subscription and the process to cancel Nintendo Online membership will be completed successfully.

Bottom lines:

Hope by following this guide on ‘How to cancel Nintendo Switch Online subscription’ will let you cancel your Nintendo online membership handily without facing any issues. If still you get any problem on the steps on cancellation or on something related to Nintendo then feel free to contact the customer support team before they make you pay for the subscription again.

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