Cancel Office 365 Subscription

Cancel Office 365 Subscription

Office 365, is a cloud-based service provider that combines with classic Microsoft Office and allows the users to operate in it, which also acts as beneficial in business purposes. In order to access to the services of Office 365, it is mandatory to have either a monthly or yearly subscription as per your choice and make payments that are charged by service as the subscription fee, so that you are allowed to employ all the available Microsoft tools and applications.el Even though for a fixed duration, but it does not require to install it on your Personal Computer.

Microsoft Office 365 bestows permits in using all the required Office applications and gives advantages on Skype moments, One Drive storage space, and also in the installation of Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, etc and with the subscription of Office 365, it allows you to share your account to at least 6 people. All the plans on Microsoft Office 365 comprise updates that run automatically to their related software without paying any extra charges. As the earlier formal license opposed the new programs and as for this; to have a new version you need to possess a new license. Office 365 comes in Home, Home Premium, Personal, and Business editions depending on the number of users and for which purpose you want to use the Office 365 services.

In spite of all the service facilities and features, it may happen that Office 365  may not suit all. As some of the subscribers may not require all the features and applications that come in the full version, which seems like a waste of money or some might also withdraw their subscription by looking at the high rate of the Office 365 subscription fee when compared to other free choices that can be reached out easily.

So, if you are wondering on questions like ‘Can I cancel my Office 365 subscription at any time?’ and looking for ways on ‘How to cancel my Office 365 subscription’ then you must go through this article, as we bring for you to gain knowledge on Microsoft Office 365 to cancel subscription procedure.

How To Cancel Microsoft Office 365 Subscription Both Trial And Paid Subscription

There are both Online and Offline methods offered by MS Office 365, to cancel your  Office 365 subscription including all its office editions on home, personal, and home premium. Here it is described in detail how you should proceed to the cancellation of your subscription:

A. Cancel Office 365 Subscription Through Online

To cancel Office 365 monthly subscription Online, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly, go to the official website of Office 365 through your preferred web browser.

  2. Then, visit your ‘Account’ section.

  3. Now ‘Log In’ to your account with the required credential.

  4. Search for the ‘Subscription and Services’ tab and click on it to open.

  5. Select the subscription from the drop-down list as ‘Office 365’ that you wish to cancel.

  6. Now tap on the ‘Manage’ option.

  7. Then, click on the ‘Cancel’ button.

  8. Click on ‘Turn Off’ on the recurrent bill, to confirm your cancellation.

  9. Select on the ‘Confirm Cancellation’ that appears on the popup box.

You will still be accessible to the Office 365 service until your next billing period. Remember that you won’t be charged after the subscription cancellation but the access to the Office 365 features and service will fall.

B. How To Cancel Your Microsoft Office 365 Subscription Over Phone

To cancel your Office 365 subscription, the service furnishes you with the Office 365 cancellation phone number, as it is preferred by many of the subscribers and is simple and hassle-free. You can dial @

(800) 642-7676 and hold for a while to talk directly to the agent and ask them to cancel your Office 365 subscription. And make sure to get a confirmation note for future reference.\

Cancel Office 365 Subscription Service Refund

To get a refund back on your MS Office 365 subscription, it entirely depends on the position in which you are on the billing cycle.

So, you can ask or make a request to refund back your payment on Office 365 subscription in either of the two mentioned circumstances as per stated by the Microsoft:

i. In the last 30 days, if you have bought a yearly MS Office 365 subscription.

ii. The other one is if you have a monthly subscription and have cancelled the subscription on Office 365 within the 30 days on your previous renewal date.

So, all the features of the Office app will come to be less functional when you have made a request for a refund. But you are allowed to access to print and read documents but not allowed to edit and will misplace all the Office 365 benefits.

Cancel Office 365 Subscription On Apple Or iPad

While signing up on Office 365 through the account on iTunes where your free trial is turned into a paid subscription, then in order to cancel your Office 365 subscription, you need to go through your Apple account:

  1. At first, go to your iTunes App and click on it to open, on your Apple device.
  2. Then, tap on the ‘iTunes Store.
  3. Now, select on the ‘Account’ tab at the right of the Store section present in the Quick links.
  4. Fill in all the required credentials and then search for the ‘Subscription’ section.
  5. Now click on the subscription on the name as ‘Office 365’ that you wish to cancel.
  6. Select on the ‘Cancel’ tab and then hit on the option to ‘Confirm’ your cancellation.

Cancel Office 365 Business Subscription

For cancellation of Office 365 Business subscription which acts as Administrator and shares accounts to more than 25 users, can prompt to cancel the subscription with a Service request.

So in order to cancel Office 365 as a business subscription, you need to follow the below points:

  • Firstly, move to your Admin application.
  • Select on the ‘Support and Service requests’.
  • Now, hit on the ‘+’ symbol that will initiate you to the ‘Billing and Product Info’ petition for cancellation of the subscription and then follow all the instructions that are displayed on your screen by the service.

Thus from the above-mentioned circumstances, you can easily go to the cancellation of Office 365 subscription and for any further assistance or query, you can contact the Customer Support service.

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