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Cancel Orangetheory Membership

Orangetheory is a fitness gym in America. This service is a combination of science, guiding, and technologies that give complete workout practice. It provides guaranteed fitness to the members and at the same time maximizes the metabolism and thus makes differ from other institutions of fitness.

Orangetheory provides membership for the members who are willing to receive the utmost satisfaction from their services. If at some end you are not satisfied with the services you can opt-out from the membership. Therefore if you want to cancel your Orangetheory membership you can read this article as we will describe ‘How do I cancel my Orangetheory fitness membership’ in detail.

How To Cancel Orangetheory

Orangetheory can help its members in canceling the membership. You have to cancel the membership from the center you applied to. You must also keep in mind that you cannot cancel after the renewal date. After the end of the month, your membership will be canceled and no further charges will be incurred. You can cancel Orangetheory membership in three different modes. But there is no option for canceling Orangetheory membership through the online method.

  1. Cancel orangetheory membership through email.
  2. Orangetheory cancellation by an individual.
  3. Orangetheory canceled membership over the phone.

1. How To Cancel Orangetheory Membership Through Email

Orangetheory cancellation of membership can be done through email. You need to follow these steps to get the desired result:-

  1. First and foremost confirm the center address you applied for and reach the Orangetheory fitness center.
  2. Then you follow the request to the Orangetheory center for cancellation of membership with your detailed information:
    • Your Full name.
    • Present address.
    • Contact Number.
    • Age details.
    • Member identification number.
    • Email ID.
    • Last 4 digits of the credit card.
    • And your signature in full.

You will receive a receipt if you send the mail with your verified email. You can use this receipt for future references. You will be invited to the centre in person for cancellation of orangetheory membership.

2. How Do I Cancel My Orangetheory Membership  Individually

You have to go to the centre where you applied for your membership in person. No online mode is applicable to follow up the process for cancellation of orangetheory fitness membership. You have to follow the following steps:-

  1. Go to the center of your orangetheory center and how to ask them how do I cancel my orange theory membership
  2. They will provide you with the Orangetheory  cancellation form
  3. Take the form and fill your detailed information asked in it
  4. Sign in the form
  5. Take a copy of the form you filled for proof that you have applied for orangetheory fitness membership cancellation form.

3. How Do You Cancel Your Orangetheory Membership Over The Phone

If you no longer wish to continue with the membership service you can contact the Orangetheory centre. Go to the preferred number below –

Dial customer care – (954) 530-6903. Here you can directly talk to the agent and then specify the reason for your cancelling the Orangetheory membership.

How To Cancel My Orangetheory Membership  With The Help Of An Online Application

The above two modes may be hectic for you so you can go for the third mode which is simpler than the above two. The app DoNotPay is the one that makes the work easier for cancellation of the orangetheory account. follow the following steps:-

  1. Search the browser of your desktop or on your phone and type DoNotPay in the search bar. You can download the app from the iOS gadget for free from the Apple Store.
  2. Then click on the button ‘Find Hidden Money’
  3. After that write in ‘Orangetheory’ service from which you want your account to be canceled.
  4. A notification mail will be delivered to you that your membership is being canceled.

How To Cancel Orangetheory Fitness Membership

When questions arise on ‘How to cancel Orangetheory fitness‘, then you can easily follow these steps to confirm your cancellation

Reach the preferred link given below which will solve the solution of cancellation. Type in the search bar of your browser as – Then complete the Orangetheory cancellation form and deliver it to your centre.

How Do You Cancel Orangetheory Membership Policy

In the Orangetheory cancellation policy, the members must provide advance notice in writing. It should be delivered for cancellation within a month. In a franchise, Orangetheory membership cancellation policy is the same. Some centres may differ in forms and procedures for cancellations of membership according to the Orangetheory cancellation policy.

As the cancellation process starts charges will be charged to you and it has to be paid by you. No refund will be given to you if you have not used any of the classes.

How Do You Cancel Your Orangetheory Memberships

Orangetheory center delivers the service for cancellation of membership. You need to visit the center you applied and ask them for the orangetheory membership cancellation form. You can also deliver them a mail yourself in order to cancel it.  You have to deliver a message through verified mail and sign upon receiving the delivery. The cancellation process will be completed within a month.

How Do I Cancel My Orangetheory Fitness Membership Including The Orangetheory Cancellation Fee

Orangetheory fitness allows its members to cancel the membership classes. In order to avoid the Orangetheory cancellation fee, you should cancel the classes before it starts usually before eight hours. You may be asked to pay a nominal charge of $10 to $12 if you cancel the membership after starting the classes.

Thus in order to get an idea on ‘How do I cancel Orangetheory membership,’ you can go thoroughly through this blog and complete your procedure on Orangetheory fitness membership cancellation and if still in doubt you can contact the Orangetheory customer support helpdesk.

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