ScoreSense Cancel Membership

Cancel ScoreSense Membership

To have a ScoreSense membership acquires its members with simple and helpful service options to keep a check on the credit score and it also helps in developing the credit score.

Without registering to the varied site of credit score checking section, you can easily register on ScoreSense as it operates singly on a Tri bureau model and gives reports from the main bureaus in credit service namely Experian, Transunion and Equifax.

ScoreSense assists with various effective features that work to detect a threat, to raise attention and also provide support at the time of taking any financial opinion.

Usually, it seems that most of the consumers are satisfied with ScoreSense but if you feel that you do need the ScoreSense membership any more and you are paying for the service as a fee of about $29.95 after the 7 days free trial ends and also the ScoreSense service is hardly used by you and that is why you are looking for ways as to how to cancel ScoreSense membership, you must take note that ScoreSense does not provide any refund of the fee to the members at the time of cancellation of ScoreSense membership.

So to get an idea of ScoreSense, how to cancel membership, you need to go through the article thoroughly.

How To Cancel Your ScoreSense Membership

ScoreSense permits different ways for the consumers with the membership on ‘How do you cancel your membership with ScoreSense?’ in a very convenient manner. Such as-

  1. Through ScoreSense cancel membership phone number.
  2. ScoreSense canceling membership through a letter.

1. ScoreSense Cancel Membership Phone Number

  1. One can call on the customer support phone number provided by ScoreSense @1-800-972-7204.
  2. When the agent responds, ask him/her to cancel the membership and any further payments.
  3. Now, furnish all the information that is required to the agent which includes- Your Name, Birth Date as ID, Membership ID of ScoreSense given in your email at the time of signing up, the social security number, your location, phone number related to your ScoreSense account, the complete bill details and the reason for your cancellation.
  4. Remember to take an oral confirmation code and ask for a confirmation email on the successful cancellation of ScoreSense membership to keep as a record.

The customer care support service is available-
On weekdays Monday to Friday time from 8 a.m to 8 p.m.
On weekends Saturday time 8 a.m to 5 p.m.
Sunday time from 12 p.m to 6 p.m.

2. ScoreSense Cancel Membership By Letter

Consumers can write a letter making a request to cancel the ScoreSense membership. Also, make sure to furnish all the details that are required to cancel the membership.

  • Member Full Name.
  • Birth Date as required for identification.
  • The membership ID of ScoreSense that was given to you at the time of registering for the membership.
  • Your Social Number.
  • Your address.
  • Contact number.
  • Complete payment details.
  • Specifying the reason for the cancellation of ScoreSense membership.
  • The last four numbers of your credit card.
  • The date and amount of your last payments.

And then send the letter to the below-mentioned address at

  • 4447 North Central Expressway
  • Suite 100
  • PMB 406
  • Dallas, TX 75205.

How To Cancel Membership In ScoreSense Via DoNotPay

The ScoreSense cancel membership online is not functioning at this moment, so there is another option through which you can cancel the ScoreSense membership account i.e is by using the DoNotPay app. Canceling your ScoreSense membership account by the DoNotPay app does not take much time and helps in the cancellation process within a few minutes.

Follow The Steps On How To Cancel ScoreSense Membership Online Via DoNotPay App

  • You can either visit the DoNotPay app site from the preferred web browser or you can even download the DoNotPay App in the iOS version from Apple Store on your iOS device.
  • Now search and select on the ‘Find Hidden Money’ tab.
  • Now type the name of the service ‘ScoreSense’ as on which you wish to cancel the membership.

When your ScoreSense membership is cancelled successfully, a confirmation email will be sent to you on your registered email to keep as a record.

Thus, to get devoid of any charges and to cancel the ScoreSense membership account you can follow the instructions and method described above with ease.

Cancel ScoreSense Membership
Service Type
Cancel ScoreSense Membership
Provider Name
United States, Dallas , Telephone No.1-800-972-7204
Dallas, TX 75231
Cancel ScoreSense Membership

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