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How To Cancel Symbolab subscription

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Looking for ways on Symbolab to cancel a subscription? You just made the right stop. Here on this page, we shall illustrate the steps to get the subscription canceled in simple ways. Let us now go into the core of this article.

How to do Symbolab Subscription cancellation on iPhone or iPad device

  1. So the first thing you need to do is to go to your Settings on the device and then click on the ‘Name’.
  2. Next, click the tab on ‘Subscription’. In case you do not see this tab, then hit the tab on iTunes & Appstore.
  3. Then, hit on ‘Apple ID’.
  4. In the next step, ‘View Apple ID and sign in to the account if required.
  5. Now, scroll below to the option on ‘Subscriptions’.
  6. Then, select your subscription on Symbolab Calculator, the one you wish to review.
  7. At last, click on the ‘Cancel’ option and it is done.

How to cancel the subscription in Symbolab on an Android device

The steps that you must follow to cancel the Symbolab Calculator subscription on your Android device are as follows:

  • The steps that you must follow to cancel the Symbolab Calculator subscription on your Android device are as follows:
  • Then, select the menu button and navigate to the section on ‘Subscriptions’.
  • Now, select the subscription on ‘Symbolab Calculator’ the one which you are looking to cancel.
  • Next, hit the option on ‘Cancel Subscription.
  • You need to finish the process as instructed.

Thus, when the Symbolab Calculator subscription gets removed from the Google Play Store it indicates that future subscriptions will also get canceled and would not be automatically renewed.

How to do Symbolab Calculator subscription cancellation on Mac Computer

In order to cancel your Symbolab subscription on Mac the steps that you need to follow are:

  1. In the first step, open Mac App Store.
  2. Hit on the name which is below the sidebar.
  3. Select the tab on ‘View Information’ and enter the required credentials to sign in when needed.
  4. Now, scroll below and locate the ‘Subscriptions’ section.
  5. Next, hit the ‘Manage’ tab.
  6. Then, tap on the ‘Edit’ option beside the name of the Symbolab app.
  7. Finally, select the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option to complete the process.

Note: Ensure to employ the same Username and ID that you used at the time of getting the subscription so that you can manage the subscription whenever it is necessary.

How to perform Symbolab cancel subscription app on PayPal

Here are the steps that you must include in order to cancel the subscription:

  • To begin, first, go to the PayPal website at and log in to the PayPal account.
  • Select the ‘Settings’ app near the logout tab.
  • Tap on ‘Payments’ from the provided menu.
  • Now, hit the ‘Manage Automatic Payments’ option from the dashboard of Automatic Payments
  • Next, a list of merchant agreements will be displayed to you with which you had transacted before. Then, hit the ‘Symbolab Calculator’ option to cancel.
  • A page of confirmation will appear on your screen.
  • Then, select on ‘Cancel Automatic Payments’ button so as to confirm that you wish to stop paying for the subscription on Symbolab.
  • Finally, click the button on ‘Done’ on the verification page to finish the process of cancellation.

Bottom Lines:

If you have subscribed directly through the Symbolab official website then you can visit its official page and from there you can contact their customer service team to talk about the cancellation and also for any further assistance.

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