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How To Cancel TiVo Subscription

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TiVo is a recording service that deals with digital videos with more than 22M members. With the TiVo subscription, the subscribers get the feature of recording new episodes of their favorite shows automatically. TiVo with its outstanding services keeps on trying to match with the newly developed technology including the support on main streaming services.

When unsatisfied with the service or planning to save money rather than paying the subscription fee for a service that you hardly use.

So here we will illustrate all the possible methods through which the subscribers can easily cancel TiVo.

Methods On How To Cancel TiVo Service

TiVo offers two different methods using which we can go for the cancellation procedure simply and easily.

  1. TiVo cancels the subscription through the Phone.
  2. Cancel your TiVo subscription via the Online method.

Let us study these methods in detail below:-

(i) How Do I Cancel My TiVo Service By Phone:

To cancel the recurring subscription on TiVo over the phone, we need to follow the following points:-

  1. Dial the customer care number:

    Firstly, we will directly contact the Customer Care executive team and call 1-877-367-8486 which is the TiVo cancellation phone number.

  2. Ask the representative to cancel the subscription:

    When the representative responded at the time of dialing the number, we must ask them and request to cancel the TiVo subscription.

  3. Provide account details:

    We must keep ready all the account details to furnish the details of our TiVo account when the representative asks for personal information such as the subscriber’s full name, address, date of birth, billing address, and account number so that they can easily identify the account.

  4. Ensure to ask about confirmation mail:

    At last, make sure to ask the rep about sending the confirmation mail or the confirmation number as proof upon successful cancellation of the subscription for future reference.

(ii) How to cancel a TiVo subscription online through the company’s website:

To cancel TiVo online here is what we need to follow and go through the steps carefully for a successful cancellation:

  • First, from your preferred web browsing site, we go to the official website of TiVo.
  • Now the Sign-In page appears, you need to select the ‘Sign-In’ tab which is at the right top corner, and enter the email address and the account Password.
  • Then, we will scroll and search for the Active TiVo section.
  • Next, we choose the device to cancel the subscription.
  • Lastly, we tap on the ‘Cancel Service’ button and confirm.

What Happens If I Cancel My TiVo Subscription

If I cancel my TiVo subscription then as per the TiVo cancellation policy we might be charged the TiVo cancellation fee.

  • When the subscription is canceled for the initial 12 months then the early cancellation fee will be equal to $150.
  • When the subscription is terminated between 13 to 24 months then the Tivo cancellation fee will be $75.

How To Cancel Recording On TiVo

To cancel the recording on TiVo follow the below steps:-

  1. Firstly, go to the ‘TiVo Central’ icon.
  2. Now, you need to go to the option on ‘Menu’ or ‘Manage’.
  3. Then click on the ‘OnePass Manager’ section.
  4. Next, select the ‘To-Do List’ tab which enables us to see the recordings that are scheduled and also allows us to make changes or cancel recordings.
  5. Click to highlight the title of the show from the To-Do List.
  6. Lastly, hit the button on ‘CLEAR’.

Can I Cancel And Get A Refund On my TiVo Subscription

The answer is ‘Yes’ but with an exception. We will receive a full refund on TiVo only if we cancel TiVo’s monthly service within thirty days of activating the subscription. As, after one month of subscription we won’t get any refund and are thereby entitled to get zero refund after the refund period ends regardless of the time when you choose to cancel the subscription.

Another exception is that, if we Sign-Up only for a limited term at least for a year or so, and then determine the subscription cancellation before the minimum term ends, then as a subscriber, we will have to pay for the early cancellation fee.

Bottom line:

Thus, from the above-mentioned methods, it is sure that all the questions on TiVo subscription are cleared but still if you have any queries, you can contact the Customer Support helpdesk for any assistance.

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