Cancel TME Magazine Subscription

Cancel TME Magazine Subscription

TME Magazine belongs to the service of selling magazines with subscriptions to distinct customer teams, like the retailing store clients or to the airline frequent flyers project on management services and some of the other loyalty programs on large brands. TME magazine proposals include abundant magazines and you can even make a subscription on one or more than one, the magazines which are liked by you.

To cancel the TME Magazine subscription may not be so easy. But that is not a coincidence as they look to drain payments from their subscribers account from time to time as monthly charges, even though you are hardly using the service. In order to cancel the TME Magazine may be a source of stress because of the magazine’s services on how the consumers are made to hop the hoops before you get out of the subscriptions on TME Magazine.

So if you wish the TME Magazine to cancel the subscription then you need to follow the process properly on TME Magazine cancelling the subscription.

How Do I Cancel My TME Magazine Subscription

TME Magazine services extend various methods to cancel the TME Magazine subscription. As soon as you conduct the process of cancellation on the subscription it becomes effective instantly and from then you won’t be receiving any magazines from this service. It is noted that all your magazine subscriptions with TME Magazine can be cancelled all at the same time, there does not require to cancel the subscriptions one by one, this is the best service that TME Magazine offers to cancel the subscription. The different ways are:

  1. Via Online method.
  2. Through Phone Number.
  3. Via an email.

1. TME Magazine Cancels Subscription Via Online Method

In order to cancel the TME Magazine subscription online, you need to follow the below-mentioned points step by step:

  1. From any of your preferred web browsing sites, visit the website of TME Magazine.

  2. Then, move to the page on the inquiry form of TME Magazine.

  3. Now, as an inquiry, set as ‘Cancel’.

  4. Fill the empty fields with all the required personal information.

  5. Next, in the blank space of Magazine Name, type the list of the name of magazines you want to cancel the subscription, all at the same time.

  6. Once you complete the entry of details, then tap on the option of ‘Submit’.

Thus, the above process will help you out to cancel your TME Magazine subscriptions via online mode.

2. TME Magazine Subscription Cancel  through The Phone

How To cancel TME Magazine subscription through phone, you can call on any of the two phone numbers provided by the service to talk directly to the Customer care service agent. While talking to the automated customer service you need to talk in clarity on your issues to cancel the subscription so that the machine could recognize.

For Automated Machine customer service dial 1-877-516-2380 which is available for 24*7 For Live customer service you can dial on the phone number 1-877-632-3189 timing 9 am – 10 pm

3. Cancel Magazine Subscription On TME  Via An Email

In order to cancel TME Magazine subscription via an email, here it is mentioned what you need to follow:

Compose an email including all the information required on your personal details and about the TME Magazine subscription account and then send it to the mailing address Also pen-down the account number of your credit card from which you made your payment on the bill for your TME Magazine subscription.

How To Cancel Subscription With TME Magazine Through DoNotPay App

To cancel a subscription, it often seems to wait for a long time for the rep to give a response or waiting to get the confirmation message or mail. Therefore, DoNotPay comes to help you to cancel your TME Magazine subscription in less time and in ease.

Follow the steps below on how to cancel the subscription on TME Magazine by DoNotPay :

  • At first, through your preferred web browser sign-in on the DoNotPay app account, or you can even download the iOS version of the app from your Apple Store for free on your iOS device.
  • Then click on the ‘Find Hidden Money’ tab.
  • Now enter the name of the service i.e ‘TME Magazine’ that you wish to cancel An confirmation mail will be sent to your registered email ID when your TME Magazine subscriptions get successfully canceled.
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