TruthFinder Cancel Subscription

TruthFinder Cancel Subscription

TruthFinder works as a search engine on public records. Through TruthFinder one can easily perform background inspections on any subject they require. TruthFinder makes a comprehensive article where the information is drawn from varied sources of public accounts. The members of TruthFinder are allowed to archive basic details and information on address, contact numbers and are also permitted to gain access even to critical information such as records of criminals and the judgments made by the court. TruthFinder also plays a role in screening neighbors, babysitters which in simple you can say to check on the actions on your background. You can get the TruthFinder service online and on Google apps.

Although TruthFinder is one of the useful services, sometimes it may happen that you realise and find that you do not require this service for a longer duration then, you can go for the cancellation of TruthFinder subscription. Here we fetch you methods on how do you cancel your TruthFinder membership in detail.

How To Cancel TruthFinder Subscription

In order to cancel a subscription on TruthFinder, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps described below:

A. TruthFinder Cancel Subscription Over Phone

Many members prefer to make cancellation of subscription account by phone, so if you want to know on how do you cancel your TruthFinder account over the phone you can perform the below process:

Dial at the TruthFinder subscription cancellation phone number at  1-800-699-8081 to talk with the Customer support representative. You need to press option number 1 to talk about ‘Billing’.

Now, inquire the agent so that they make cancellation of your TruthFinder subscription and provide your personal details including your name and email ID.

Hold for sometimes to get a confirmation email on cancellation.

B. How To Cancel TruthFinder Account Online

If you want to know how to cancel TruthFinder online you will need the ‘Login’ information and follow the below points step by step for a successful cancellation of your TruthFinder account:

  1. At first, go to your preferred web browser and then visit the official website to cancel your membership.
  2. Then ‘Log In‘ to your account with the required credentials.
  3. Move to your ‘Account’ icon.
  4. Now click on the cancel link, present on the ‘Subscription’ section.
  5. Now, select a reason for the cancellation of your TruthFinder subscription account.
  6. You may get various offers from the company to continue the service but try to deny all the offers.

Note: While making cancellation of your TruthFinder account online, all the billing on your account will get stopped. But if there are any pending charges or bills related to your account,  then still you will remain responsible for the payments.

However having the monthly subscription, you will be still permitted to access the services on your TruthFinder account, until your billing cycle ends.

C. How To Cancel Truthfinder Via Email

In order to cancel your TruthFinder membership account, you need to compose an email and send it making a request so that they cancel your subscription account and include all your personal information and details on the login requirements, your name in full name, your bill payment address and so on.

After a few days, you will be notified by a confirmation email on completion of cancellation of the TruthFinder service.

TruthFinder Cancel Trial Account

You should mark out that TruthFinder does not present up to its users with any free trial services, codes to get a trial, or propose any free trial discounts on the membership fee.

But they always try to maintain affordable discounts or free access codes. Unlike other sites that might seem to persuade people by making in with a suspiciously low price, so that they could jack up their monthly rates after the users have signed in with them. But with TruthFinder, they always try to sustain consistency and also provide inexpensive fee charges for the members with TruthFinder subscription during the billing cycle at all the time. So in order to cancel your TruthFinder subscription account, you can pursue any of the methods that are illustrated above on how to cancel TruthFinder account.

TruthFinder Subscription Cancellation Policy

As per the cancellation policy of TruthFinder, members can easily cancel their Membership plan at any time, by calling over the Customer Support service phone number and then talking to the customer helpdesk agent.

The TruthFinder customer service is available every day in a week from morning 5 a.m till night 10 p.m to assist its members.

Any request made on cancellation will lead to the Membership Plan cancellation of any further bills and charges related to your TruthFinder account.

But you will still be responsible for making cancellation on your TruthFinder membership account on paying the fees related to any bills or charges that they previously handed out to you.

Therefore, you can attend any of the described strategies on how to cancel a TruthFinder membership. For any issues or query, you can reach out @customer support page on the TruthFinder website cancel a subscription for further assistance.

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