How To Cancel UFC Gym Membership

How To Cancel UFC Gym Membership

UFC Gym is one of the Fitness club that is established as an inspiration by the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship company which is maintained by the MMA buildup company.

The gym advertised by itself as a chain of fitness club and place which offers benefits and training program of the MMA athlete to its members. The Fitness club is situated in places over 150 locations across the globe.

But this article is for those who are searching for ‘I want to cancel my UFC gym membership’. The company understands financial, medical or any other issues for which you may need to cancel the membership.

Here we will discuss the methods through which one can go for UFC gym cancel membership.

How To Cancel UFC Gym Membership

The methods through which members can cancel the UFC Gym membership comprises of two modes which need to be done Offline.

The one looking on ‘Can I cancel my UFC gym membership online’ needs to know that the UFC gym company does not provide any official website in order to cancel their membership.

So you need to choose any of the below described method to cancel the gym membership.

  1. Cancel In Person.
  2. Cancel via Mail.

Let us discuss on these methods in detail below:

1. How do you cancel your UFC gym membership in In-Person:

The common method that the company provides for its members to cancel UFC membership is via In Person.
The steps which involves cancellation in-person are as follows:

  1. Visit to your UFC gym club:

    Firstly, directly visit to your UFC gym location where you first signed in.

  2. Write a letter of cancellation:

    Then, write a letter on making a request of cancellation or you can ask about the UFC gym membership cancellation form if they provide any.

  3. Fill the required details:

    Next, fill in the details that are required to get your account like-
    Full Name of the member
    Account Number
    Contact Number
    Date of cancellation
    Signature and so on.

  4. Ask about any refund or outstanding charges:

    Now, you can ask the rep about your account if you are eligible for any refund or if you have any outstanding charges.

  5. Leave the letter at front desk:

    Then you need to leave the cancellation letter in to the hands of the rep at the front desk.

They gym will let you know if you were eligible for a refund or not.

Note: Make sure that you submit the cancellation letter at least 21 days in advance.

2. How to cancel my UFC gym membership via Mail:

In order to cancel my UFC gym membership through Mail one needs to mail a request for cancellation to the fitness UFC gym club where you had signed up for the membership.

The steps that involves the cancellation of UFC gym via mail are as follows:

  • Compose a letter on cancellation of membership:
    At first, compose a letter on the cancellation of UFC gym membership by making a request to the company.
  • Furnish personal details and account information:
    Next, make sure to include all the relevant details and information related to the membership account such as:
    Phone Number
    Account Number
  • Get the gym address by using the ‘Find Your Gym tool’ in the UFC official website:
    Now, you can get the gym address by visiting the ‘Find Your Gym tool’ in the official website of UFC gym so as to get your gym address on where you need to send your mail.
  • Send it via Certified Mail for security:
    Lastly, it is advised for an additional security to send through certified mail form.


It is that the company UFC gym does not charge any cancel fee which means ‘No UFC gym cancel membership fee’ is charged by the fitness club.

Thus, we hope this blog is helpful to you when you are confused on ‘I want to cancel my UFC gym membership etc’.

But still if you face query or any issues regarding the cancellation just contact with your nearest gym club for further guidance.

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