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Upstore or is a cloud computing model and it stores data on the Internet for sharing files, folders, uploading, and storing. You can share these stored files with your family members, friends, colleagues, etc to those who you meet on the networking site. But it should follow the EU or US laws without violating them. You can use a web browser or software which is certified to upload your files. If you use uncertified software your account may be at risk and can get hacked. It also prevents users from third-party authorization. As a subscriber of Upstore, you are allowed to enjoy the services and special features as per your requirements.

Sometimes it might happen that you want to cancel Upstore for any reason that may seem disturbing while dealing with Upstore. So here you will get to read ‘How to cancel Upstore’ through different methods that are available for you as a subscriber.

How To Cancel Upstore Subscription

You can subscribe to the subscription on Upstore as well as unsubscribe it whenever you don’t want to use their services. Upstore does not permit you on Upstore to cancel your subscription by methods like – phone, by visiting in person, and by delivering letters. But there are ways in which you can progress the cancellation method for canceling Upstore are:-

  1. Upstore cancel subscription by online method.
  2. Cancel Upstore subscription through an email.

1. How To Cancel Upstore Subscription By The Online Method

A member can purchase a recurring plan in a year for a single or quarterly month. If you do not want to use these services you can cancel them without hesitation. Following are the steps mentioned below in order to cancel Upstore are:-

  • First and foremost, type the website link in the search bar of your browser on your device.
  • Then sign in to your account of Upstore with the required credentials.
  • After that select the option on ‘Account Settings’.
  • Then, move your cursor to the tab, at ‘Cancel your Membership’
  • Completing the above steps now you need to wait for a while to receive the confirmation email to confirm your Upstore cancellation.

There is another online method where you can contact the live executive of Upstore for cancellation of your Upstore subscription directly through the website.

Follow the few steps to contact the Upstore executive for Upstore cancel subscription:

  • First, search for the ‘Contact page‘ on the Upstore site.
  • Tap on ‘Create a Ticket‘.
  • Now enter the details of your email address and text message in the fields provided.
  • You have to wait for the answer so that the executive is free to answer your queries.
  • Waiting to connect to the agent may not be less than 72 hours.  You have to keep patience to solve your Upstore subscription cancellation problems.

2. How To Cancel Upstore Subscription Through Email

You can also use the email address in order to cancel the subscription.  Following are the steps discussed on Upstore cancel subscription:

  • Deliver an email in the link mentioned
  • Then, you compose an email requesting the agent describing that you want to cancel the Upstore subscription.
  • Keep all the details of your Upstore account and personal details on hand and the same in your email so you can provide when required.
  • Lastly, you have to wait for the confirmation message through email confirming the cancellation of your Upstore subscription.

Cancel Upstore Subscription Via DoNotPay

Many of the subscribers had no time for waiting for 2-3 days, in that case, you can opt for the app method. As we know there are few selections of options for cancellation. DoNotPay can help the members in cancelling the subscription in a few clicks and is hassle-free. Here all your active subscriptions are cancelled, including the Upstore account. The steps are mentioned below:-

  • First, download the app for free from the Apple Store if you are an iOS user or search the site on the web browser that you prefer to use. Then log into the account.
  • Tap on the tab ‘Find Hidden Money’.
  • After that tap on ‘Upstore’ as the service, you wish to cancel.
  • Your cancellation may take less than 2days to confirm it. You will receive an email confirming the cancellation.

Hence, through the above-mentioned methods, you can easily go for the procedure on how to cancel Upstore subscription handily. If you have any queries or want to state your feedback you can follow the email or website to contact the executive for any guidance to cancel Upstore.

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