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The Ultimate Checklist for Ending Your V Shred Membership

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V Shred is a website that deals in fitness and also allows users to do a planned workout and diet planning. V Shred University (VSU) membership and Diet Plan helps in operating to deal with the basis of subscription. Services and commodities of the website are termed as their one-time investments. It helps individuals reach their fitness goals. The most important feature availed by V Shred is that the profile of your V Shred subscription account is completely under your control. You can cancel the account you logged in to at any time without any cost. Once you cancel the V shred subscription, it will directly delete all your details. Here we will discuss the topic of ‘How do you cancel V Shred’.

Method To Cancel V Shred Membership?

V Shred canceling your subscription is not available through email, over the phone, by writing a letter, or by a person or individuals. The only way that the service provides its members for V Shred cancellation is through the Online method.

The V Shred assists with the company’s website for the Cancellation of V shred membership.

How Do I Cancel My V Shred Account Through Online Mode

To cancel your V Shred membership account online, you need to follow the below steps:-

  1. First, go through your desired web browser and log in to the V shred account by filling in the login details on the company website.
  2. Then select the ‘Edit Profile’ section.
  3. After that click on the ‘Purchases’ tab.
  4. Now move your cursor to the button of ‘Purchases or Subscriptions’.
  5. There are two versions that you might get in V Shred online cancellation i.e. Desktop Version as well as the mobile version.
  6. Then search for the  VSU (V Shred University) membership option.
  7. Now tap on the ‘Cancel’ tab so that your membership is fully canceled.
  8. You have to perform these steps through a web browser so that your VSU membership is canceled. It is not quite possible for the app of V shred to delete your account permanently.

If you find difficulty in canceling the membership by the app you can find a request form on the website itself. There you can submit your request and queries regarding the cancellation. Along with it, you will also get an idea to know about what is hindering you from canceling your subscription.

Cancellation Of Membership Of V Shred Through the App

You may find difficulty in cancellation through the website so you can use an app named DoNotPay. Without consuming much time you can go through the steps in canceling the membership. The best useful app you can rely on. You have to log in to DoNotPay with your details so that we can delete your account. The following are the steps involved:

  • Firstly, download the app from iOS for free from the Apple Store or your web browser and go to DoNotPay.
  • Then click on the ‘DoNotPay’ application.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Then search for the tab with ‘Find Hidden Money.
  • After that enter ‘V Shred’ in the title bar given as the service, you wish to cancel.
  • Now click on the ‘Cancel’ option.
  • You don’t need to do anything after selecting the cancel button. They will help you out to connect to V shred and thus deal with your account deletion.
  • The confirmation mail will be notified from our side to verify your account cancellation.

V Shred Refund Policy

Cancellation of subscription of V shreds as well as refund policy is also available. There is a need for healthier fitness but sometimes the members don’t want the subscription they were subscribed to. They want their amount refunded for the cancellation. Some  Contests and Plans are not funded back to the subscribers.

V Shred Subscription Free Trial Renewed

V Shred does not give any free trials for membership and a custom plan. You can select a thirty-day plan and then ask for a full return refund. V Shred will not charge you any extra fee for that.

V Shred Membership Cannot Be Paused Other Than Direct Cancellation

If you don’t want to cancel the membership but want to keep it on hold for some time that case it is not possible. You cannot pause a subscription.

Thus from the above-described method, you can easily go for a V Shred cancel subscription and complete the procedure effortlessly.

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