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How To Cancel VRV Subscription?

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VRV is the only US streaming platform that delivers services directly to the viewers focusing mainly on gaming, anime channels, and theoretical fiction. It was designed by Otter Media, an associate of AT&T, in the year 2016. The users can watch the contents of VRV on:

  • Android devices with version 5.0 and above
  • iOS Devices (Mobile Phones)
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • tvOS
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • PS4
  • XBOX One
  • Web Browsers
  • Roku Devices
  • Chromecast.

The VRV is an increase to the events with channels such as the Torrential anime rains (Crunchyroll) to the original series like Paradigms, and VRV is trying to reveal its spots in the place which is already piled by OTT giants streaming like Netflix, Sony Crackle, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

VRV allows its viewers to stream the contents in a free account as a 30 day free trial period and also provides paid premium features with extra benefits.

On VRV Subscription Matters

In this platform, you need to either Sign in and use the free account (the free account is with limited content) or get subscribed to the Subscription Plan. The VRV subscription fee costs $9.99 in addition to tax per month which includes the new content without any ads interval.

On signing with the VRV account, the users are able to have a free trial of 30 days.

On taking the free trial offer, VRV fixes the user with the Premium member Plan and then awaits to end of the 30 days free trial period, and later it charges with the billing method.

So if you have opted either with the trial account or have the Subscription plan and now wish to cancel VRV, then this guide is for you.

Here we shall illustrate the method on ‘How to cancel VRV Premium Plan Subscription’ on both its website and on the app.

Thereby ee advise you to read thoroughly the article which will surely help you out on how to cancel VRV.

How to cancel a VRV subscription via the website

For VRV to cancel the subscription through the website, the steps that a user needs to perform are stated below:

  1. Visit the official website at very. co :

    In the first step, from your preferred browsing site visit the VRV official website at vrv. co. 

  2. Click on the ‘Sign In’ tab:

    Next, if you are not logged in to the account, look for the ‘Sign In’ tab in blue.

  3.  Enter the required credentials:

    Now, you need to add the required credentials such as the Email address and the Password.

  4. Hit the ‘Profile’ icon:

    Then, you must hit the ‘Profile’ icon which will be at the right top corner of the displayed home page.

  5. Tap on the ‘Premium Memberships’ button:

    In the next step, from the menu on the right of the screen, select the option ‘Premium Memberships’. This page will show you the current subscription details.

  6. Select the button on ‘Cancel’:

    Next, select the ‘Cancel’ option which is at the right top corner of the box and has the details of your Premium Plan.

  7.  A message will be popped up on the screen:

    Now, in this step, a message will get displayed where VRV will notify you about the cancellation of the Subscription Plan along with the information that you will get on certain days so as to enjoy the content on VRV and that day will be the end of the current Premium Plan subscription.

  8. Tap on the ‘Cancel’ option to confirm the cancellation:

    Lastly, tap the ‘Cancel’ button in order to confirm the cancellation of the subscription.

How to cancel a VRV Subscription Plan in the App:

The method to cancel a VRV subscription on the app, here are the steps described below that you need to follow:

  1. Go to the VRV App which is installed on your device:
    Firstly, open the VRV App which is yellow in color, that has been installed on your device.
  2. ‘Sign In’ to the account:
    Now, you must sign in to the account by entering the required details. A promoted video will get opened up on the home screen.
  3. Click the ‘Wheel shaped icon’ to open ‘Settings’:
    Next, click on the icon on ‘Wheel’ which is on the left side bottom of the screen so to open the page on ‘Settings’.
  4. Go to the ‘Account and Profile’ menu:
    Then, go to the section on ‘Account and Profile’.
  5. Select the ‘Premium Membership’ button:
    In the next step, under the Profile section, select the option ‘Premium Membership’. On this page, the current subscription plan on the VRV will get displayed.
  6.  Hit the ‘Cancel’ button:
    Now, hit the button on ‘Cancel’.
  7. To confirm click the ‘Cancel’ option again:
    In the last step, for confirmation, a piece of information will be listed by the VRV developers where you need to click the option on ‘Cancel’ to confirm the cancellation of the VRV Subscription Plan.

Bottom Lines:

You must note that when selecting the ‘Cancel’ button you had accepted the terms and conditions of the cancellation.

We hope the above-mentioned steps will guide you and help you to solve the problem related to the VRV Premium Plan subscription cancellation.

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