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In the industry of weight loss, the Weight Watchers app has been playing a leading role in the last 40 years. Weight Watchers also knew as WW is a program that involves employing a chart system of foods so that through the intake of food the calorie reduces but the nutrition amount in the body increases.

Through the Weight Watchers program, many people have achieved their goal of losing weight and the program fits well in their daily schedule.

However, sometimes it happens that you may feel like canceling the Weight Watchers membership account for various reasons. It may be due to be over expensive or might be consuming much time. Perhaps, it may also happen that you have marked your weight loss goal and didn’t want to be charged as a membership fee on something which you hardly use or the program might not fit you well. Therefore, here we bring to you to get an idea and earn knowledge on ‘How do I cancel my Weight Watchers membership’ through various methods by both Offline and Online mode.

How To Cancel Weight Watchers Subscription

For the Weight Watchers cancelling membership, you will come across different methods to cancel the Weight Watchers membership account.

All the modes are productive and also have a good face viewing their Weight Watchers cancellation policy.

Things that are required at the time of Weight Watchers membership cancellation:

You must keep in mind to be ready with the pieces of information at the time of contacting the service for cancelling membership:

  • Full Name.
  • Phone Number.
  • Location address.
  • Email ID.
  • The reason for your cancellation.
  • Card number or the membership ID including the subscription on Digital card.

You can follow any of the below-mentioned methods that are required for Weight Watchers cancelling membership.

(a). Via Online.

(b). Through an Email.

(c). Through Phone.

(d). Via In-person.

(A). How To Cancel My Weight Watchers Membership Via Online

To cancel your Weight Watchers membership online is now considered to be the simplest and also the fastest method by the official website. All that you need to do is to enter all the information in the cancellation sheet and then submit your request.

Here it is described on what you needed for Weight Watchers cancel the membership online:

  • At first, you need to ‘Log in’ to the membership account through the official website to cancel membership by your preferred browsers with the information on your account username and the password.
  • Now, on the Profile page, look for the ‘Cancel my account’ tab.
  • Next, you need to skip out all the other alternatives that Weight Watchers offers on cancellation and then directly jump to the ‘Complete Cancellation’ option.
  • Now, you need to type in the blank field of the cancellation page with the required credentials.
  • Then, look at your email address, as the mail on confirmation of membership cancellation will be forwarded to you from the Weight Watchers service.

(B). How Can I Cancel Weight Watchers Membership Through An Email

To cancel Weight Watchers membership through the email, here you also need to enter the details on the cancellation form.

Here it is described on what you need to do on cancelling Weight Watchers by email:-

On filling the cancellation form and then submitting your request, as per the, the process on cancellation becomes active only after 72 hours.

A confirmation mail will be notified on your email on the cancellation of Weight Watchers membership including all the details.

If by any chance you do not receive an email on cancellation in a week, you may need to re-submit your cancellation request.

(C). How To Cancel Weight Watchers Membership Over The Phone

Weight Watchers cancelling your membership can also proceed via phone. The procedure might sound simple and easy but it seems a bit time taking for holding the call nearly up to half an hour.

Go through the following steps to cancel it through the phone.

  • You have to call the Weight Watchers cancellation phone number for the cancellation of Weight Watchers membership at 800-651-6000 for the members of Canada and US, phone numbers to cancel Weight Watchers membership for the members of Australia is 13-19-97 and the members of New Zealand can dial at 0800 009 009.
  • You might need to skip the survey portion.
  • Hold for a while for the representative of customer service to give a response.
  • Take with all the billing and account information including all your required details, that will be needed at the time of Weight Watchers membership cancellation.

Make sure to get the cancellation number from the rep for future reference.

(D). Cancel Weight Watchers Monthly Membership Via ln-Person

To cancel the Weight Watchers membership through a person depends primarily on the plan of subscriptions, that the members are using with Weight Watchers. Sometimes Weight Watchers also avails for cancellation through the leader in the meeting. But you must take note that all the plans may not be eligible for the cancellation in-person. Therefore you need to check all the possibilities of cancellation in the meeting.

If you are with a weekly or monthly plan subscription, you can ask the leader to cancel your membership and that you won’t attend from the following meeting program.

Weight Watchers Cancellation Policy

As per the Weight Watchers cancellation policy:

  • Members with more than one month plan, you may be charged an early fee if you cancel the membership before your plan ends.
    And the request on the cancellation of membership will come into effect at the end of the month in which you made your cancellation.
  • For members with the Pre-Pay plans on Savings, their cancellation request will come to effect, when the initial plan period ends.
  • For the members with the one month plan, the request on the cancellation would come into effect, when the membership month ends in which you made your cancellation.

If there is any troubleshooting at the time of cancelling membership and for this, you cannot cancel the membership with Weight Watchers then you can contact to the Live Chat option on the page of WW (Weight Watchers) that is available for you 24/7 to give you assistance when you face any trouble.

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