How To Cancel Xsolla Subscription

How To Cancel Xsolla Subscription

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Xsolla is a company that provides payment assistance to gaming innovators and publishers dealing with marketing devices, billing, measurement, and payment. You can find the innovators in Xsolla across the globe. Their specialty is the way they process the payment for gamers and publishers. Xsolla services include the safest way of processing the payment with authentication gateways, the location of a building, and safeguarding the fraud risk.

Xsolla’s company laid its foundation in 2005 and its headquarters are in the United States of America, Sherman Oaks, California, and Los Angeles. They provide service worldwide.

Xsolla has its own official website

Xsolla has partnered with Twitch which gives the members different options for paid subscriptions to the Twitch Turbo service. But if you want the Xsolla Twitch subscription to cancel go through the below article on canceling the Xsolla subscription.

How To Cancel Xsolla Subscription

Xsolla cancellation of subscription cannot be canceled directly by delivering letters, visiting in person, or by online methods. But there are some of the methods that Xsolla introduce so that you can cancel the Xsolla subscription:

  1. By sending a mail.
  2. By contacting the agent over the phone.

1. Xsolla Cancel Subscription Through The Mail

You can sit at home and send mail to Xsolla and can cancel your Xsolla subscription thereby Xsolla canceling your payment. Here are the points described that you require to follow:-

  • First, you have to search the site i.e. through your preferred web browser.
  • When the page appears, you have to make them understand your queries that you no longer want to continue with the Xsolla account and wish to close it and as such your Xsolla payments will also get canceled.
  • As soon as you mail, the executive will answer your questions promptly. And after that, they will cancel your Xsolla payment.

2. Cancel Xsolla Over The Phone

There is another method of canceling the Xsolla subscription. You can try reaching the agent of customer service and ask them for Xsolla to cancel your subscription. Following are the steps:-

  • Firstly, reach the support team by dialing the Xsolla subscription cancellation phone number at -1-877-797-65-52
  • You must keep all your personal details at hand so that if they ask, you would be able to provide them with your account info.
  • You should clarify to them that you want to cancel the Xsolla subscription.
  • At last, ask them how much time it will take to confirm the cancellation of the subscription and inquire about the confirmation mail.

How To Cancel Xsolla Subscription By DoNotPay App

If you do not wish to cancel by yourself you can use the app DoNotPay to cancel your subscription.

You have to go through a few steps in order to cancel it.

  • Use your browser or download the app DoNotPay from Apple Store for free for iOS users.
  • Then select the ‘Find Hidden Money tab.
  • After that in the search area of your browser Enter ‘Xsolla’ the service which you wish to cancel.
  • Now comes the main section, ask the app to cancel the Xsolla subscription.
  • As the cancellation process begins, the support team will help you out in canceling from beginning to end without your interference. They will provide you with the details of the subscription confirming that it is terminated.

Xsolla Twitch Subscription Cancel

Xsolla Twitch subscription can be canceled when you don’t want to use the services anymore. It does not consume time and in a few clicks, Xsolla Twitch cancellation can be done.

  • Go to the page of the subscription.
  • Search the subscription that you want to cancel.
  • After that select the icon with the cog image available on the right side of your screen.
  • Tap on the tab ‘Doesn’t Renew’ Subscription.
  • Your subscription will terminate after selecting the tab thus ensuring that you will not be charged in the next month.

Your membership subscription cannot be transferred to another Twitch account. You can cancel it and if you subscribe within seven days of expiring your account will remain as it is.

Thus, if you have any questions regarding the cancellation of the Xsolla subscription you are free to contact the executives through email or phone calls that are mentioned in the above discussion or you can directly contact the customer support team for further assistance when required so.

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