Cancel Everybody Fitness Membership

Cancel Everybody Fitness Membership

If we look around today, people nowadays are much health-conscious and go for a fit life. People who wish to live a healthy life, especially prefer to join the fitness club and thereby get the membership to enjoy the services and benefits that the respective Fitness Club offers and so is the Everybody Fitness Club.

But sometimes due to various reasons, you may need to cancel the membership. There may be reasons like shifting to a new place, unable to manage time, dissatisfaction with the services, facing higher expenses, and so on.

So hereby looking to the convenience of the members who wish to cancel their membership on EveryBody Fitness then this article is for them.

Here we would describe all the possible methods on ‘Everybody Fitness Ohio cancels membership’ in a simple and understandable way.

Everybody Fitness Cancel Membership Policy

Before going to the cancellation of membership it is necessary to know about the cancellation policy.

The members of the Everybody Fitness club cannot cancel their membership before the date of the contract length which was signed at the time of signing in to the membership and until the final payment had been paid.

The contract can be cancelled out after the collection of the last payment.

The member must provide a 10 days advance notice for the cancellation and forward it to Everybody Sport and recreation Ltd. with the email address at

The company will sent back a confirmation mail on successful cancellation.

Note: After canceling the membership, one must keep in mind to cancel the Direct Debit system at the respective bank or through any of the services provided by the bank.

What are the requirements for Everybody Fitness cancellation:

List of the requirements are stated below:

  • First Name of the member.
  • Last Name of the registered member.
  • Contact Number.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Registered Email address.
  • Username of the account on Everybody Fitness.
  • Password.
  • Account Number.
  • The amount of the last charge.
  • The date of the last charge.
  • Address of Billing.
  • City of residence.
  • State /Region/ Province.
  • Country.
  • Postal Code/ ZIP.
  • Certified Mailing.
  • The last four digits of the card.
  • Reason for the membership cancellation.

How to cancel Everybody Fitness membership:

Everybody Fitness provides two contact methods along with the steps for cancellation of membership.

1. Cancel via Certified Mail method:

For Everybody, Fitness cancel membership through Certified Mail the following steps are to be performed:

  • Compose/ Write a letter:
    In the first step, compose the letter on cancellation.
  • Make a request to cancel the membership:
    Then, in the letter make a request to the company for Everybody Fitness cancellation.
  • Furnish all the details:
    Next, furnish all the required and essential details that have been listed above.
  • Put the Signature and Date:
    Now, put your signature and the date of signing and keep the copy of the mail for future reference.
  • Send the Certified Mail to the given address delivered by the Gym:
    In the next step, send the certified mail to the respective address given by the gym or contact the customer service through phone.
  • A confirmation mail will be forwarded to your registered email address by the company:
    Lastly, a mail on confirmation will be forwarded by the company on successful cancellation, and make sure to save the email as a record which may be required in the future.

How to cancel my Everybody Fitness membership over the Phone (via Live Agent):

Everybody Fitness membership cancellation over the Phone can be done in following steps:

  1. Dial the Customer Service phone number:

    At first, call the customer care service by dialing the phone number of the gym on which you signed in or last attended and talk directly to the live agent.

  2. Ask the agent to cancel your membership:

    Next, ask the agent to cancel your membership or what is the procedure on cancellation.

  3. Provide details to the representative:

    Then provide all the details and personal information asked for that will be required to cancel the membership on Everybody Fitness club.

  4. Follow the instructions as asked:

    Make sure to follow all the instructions that were asked to perform by the agent.


Any queries or issues on cancellation of Everybody Fitness cancel membership can be dealt only when the member furnishes a copy of confirmation mail and the ticket number.

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