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If the membership at Freedom Leisure is not up to your expectations, you might think of quitting the services and switching to a better one. This article will help you out with the issue of canceling the Freedom Leisure Membership. You can proceed without facing any difficulty. Whether you are looking to cancel the entire membership, swimming lessons, gym access, or specific facilities like Freedom Leisure Woking, you will find all the necessary details here.

How do I Cancel My Freedom Leisure Membership

A brief on Freedom Leisure subscription: Freedom Leisure comes with a membership that brings services incorporating fitness, gym as well and swim classes. These services can be customized as per your requirements. You will also find table tennis and badminton courts to feel relaxed.

In order to opt out of the Freedom Leisure subscription, visit the official site, click on the cancel page, and enter personal details related to the account subscription. Your membership will be terminated once submitted.

Canceling Freedom Leisure Gym Membership

You can terminate the membership by providing a 30-day notice and avoid any fees before cancellation. 

  • As you enter the page, look for the Cancelling Form.
  • Type the Username and the Membership ID.
  • Choose the Freedom Leisure Center from the list.
  • Enter the contact information in the space required.
  • Pick an appropriate option that defines your cancellations. You can also state the reason for canceling the membership, in case you do not find the appropriate option.
  • Select the Type of Subscription you are holding currently.
  • Select the facilities like swimming that you are using from the membership.
  • Check the form once again and then tap the Submit tab.
  • The team will review the form and if the details provided are in correct order, your account will be terminated.

Cancel Swimming Lessons Freedom Leisure

If you expect to discontinue the swimming lessons at Freedom Leisure, you cancel it without any complications. You can pick the Pause option to halt the membership for one time in a year. You need to contact customer service over the call or just email them to pause the membership for some time. Clicking the link you can cancel swim lessons at Freedom Leisure.

Freedom Leisure Woking Cancel Membership

The customer service here is quite cooperative to help.out users with their issue on cancellation of membership.

  • Dial 0148377122 and wait till the call is answered. Address them with your Membership ID so that they can recognize your account and assist you in resolving the problem.
  • You can also pick the Email Address to request to cancel the membership. State your queries and send them to They will guide you and in no time your issue will be resolved.


We hope this guide empowers you to make informed decisions regarding the cancellation of Freedom Leisure membership. For any additional queries or personalized assistance, feel free to contact the dedicated customer support team.

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