How To Cancel Jotform Subscription 

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Have you tried building forms or integrating forms with different apps using the Jotform Platforms? You might also face some issues while filling up forms that give rise to questions like “How to cancel Jotform”?

A brief on Jotform:-

An application that allows creating and customizing forms online. The drag-and-drop feature makes the form simple without entering any line of code.  With the help of Jotform, generate, publish, and integrate the forms in the site and acquire responses over email.

Although Jotform offers a better platform for online form customization, sometimes users might wish to make changes to the form or want to delete the submission.

How to initiate a JotForm:

Here are the following steps to acquire a JotForm:-

  1. To start with, you can download the app or move to the website. Tap the Login tab to enter the credentials. Then select the “Create a Form” option.
  2. Next, pick from the given options:
    • Start from Scratch 
    • Using Template 
    • Form Import 

      Beginners are required to use the Template Form.
  3. Now, pick Classic Form and Card Form which is suitable as per your selection.
  4. You will be taken to the Form Builder section. There you need to include the first question in the provided space.
  5. There are other specified fields like name, address, the submit option, etc.
  6. If all the fields are added to the list then head to the Settings tab and set the form with different apps, other conditions, etc.
  7. Now, publish your form.

How to cancel JotForm Submissions:

If you wish to cancel the submission of Jotform follow the guidelines below:-

  1. Type the Username and password and tap the Login tab in the first case.
  2. Proceed to the profile avatar and select the Settings tab.
  3. Move to the Billing section.
  4. Now, select the Change Plan tab to modify the form.
  5. Choose a Starter Plan for free.
  6. A window will appear showing the information related to downgrading. Go through the instructions to cancel the plan or select the Free account.
  7. On selecting the cancellation option, the subscription will not be further billed.
  8. The account appears as paid status, though completion of subscription cancellation.
  9. Your plan will be moved to the Free plan automatically.
  10. The end date of the subscription will be the billing date of the following month in the Billing Section.

Jotform Cancel Appointment 

There is no such option to cancel the appointment at Jotform but you can reschedule it.

If you enable the “Reminder Email” tab, users might get the option to reschedule the appointment via Email. Clicking the option, the user edits the latest submission.

If you wish you can opt to share the edited link with the submitter to reschedule the appointment.

How to contact Jotform customer care to cancel a submission:

Write an email and send it to, requesting to cancel the JotForm submission.

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