Cancel MLB TV Subscription

Cancel MLB TV Subscription

The subscription of MLB TV provides the video and audio services with high definition features on broadcasts and as well as the content of all the Major League Baseball sports and tournaments.

However, if you have the MLB TV subscription but now realize like you have no more interest left to watch and wish to cancel MLB TV as you hardly make use of its services and the monthly subscription charges seem to be a waste.

So if you are confused upon questions like ‘Can I cancel my MLB TV subscription’ and ‘How to cancel MLB TV? Then no need to worry!! As you are in the right place because here in this blog we will describe the question on ‘How to cancel MLB TV subscription’ methods step by step. You just need to go thoroughly through this blog and follow each instruction carefully.

Requirements for cancel MLB Tv Subscription

Let us look into the requirements for the cancellation of MLB tv account:

  • The Official MLB TV support page.
  • The Email address used to Sign In.
  • The account password to log in.
  • Birth Date of the MLB tv account member.

How can I cancel my MLB TV subscription

There are two methods through which you can cancel MLB TV monthly subscription which is for the entire seasons i.e

  1. Online Method: Via Official website.
  2. Offline Method: Over the Phone.

1). How do I cancel an MLB TV subscription account through an Online method:

In order to perform the procedure on ‘How do I cancel my MLB Tv subscription’ we must follow the below steps carefully.
The steps to cancel my MLB Tv subscription is illustrated below in a simple and easy way.

  1. Visit the official page of MLB Tv:

    In the first step, from our desired web browser, we need to visit the MLB Tv subscription official Support page on our device.

  2. Enter the Email address:

    Now, we must enter our Email address in the given blank box in the Support Page.

  3. Type the MLB Tv account password:

    Next, type the Password of the MLB Tv subscription account in the blank box provided so as to login and get access to make the desired cancel pending MLB Tv subscription.

  4. Click the ‘Log In ‘ button:

    After filling the correct required credentials in each of the provided boxes, we must click on the ‘Log In’ option to get successfully access to the MLB Tv account in the Support Page.

  5. Hit on the ‘Username’ icon:

    Then hit the icon on ‘Username’ which is at the right top corner.

  6. Move to the ‘Profile’ section:

    Next, from the menu list of the Username, we must directly go to the ‘Profile’ section.

  7. Select on ‘Audio or Video Subscription’ tab

    Now, on the Profile section, select the tab on ‘Audio or Video Subscription’ which is in the left of the screen.

  8. Tap on the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button:

    In the next step, tap the button on ‘Cancel Subscription’ where it is highlighted in large.

  9. A page of the detail of the account will be displayed:

    After clicking on the Cancel button, a page with the details of the account will get displayed along with a drop down list asking the reason of the cancellation and the checkbox which indicates and states that ‘I accept and understand the terms of cancellation and want to cancel my subscription’ which should be examined before cancelling.

  10. Click on ‘Cancel’ option:

    Lastly click on the ‘Cancel’ option to confirm and complete the process.

b. How do you cancel an MLB Tv subscription by Offline method over the phone:

The traditional method i.e to cancel over the phone can be chosen in order to cancel your MLB Tv subscription.

  • Call the Customer Service Number:
    At first, you need to dial the Customer Support service phone number to talk directly to its executives.
  • Dial at 866-800-1275:
    Then, dial the MLB Tv subscription cancellation phone number at 866-800-1275 which is available for the service from Monday to Friday from timing 9 a.m to 6 p.m.
  • Provide your details:
    Now, provide all the required details such as the email address, date of birth and information related to your account for the agent to identify your MLB tv account to cancel.
  • Ask the agent to cancel the account:
    Next, ask the agent to cancel the MLB Tv subscription since you do not want it any more.
  • Enquire of Confirmation mail:
    Lastly, make sure to enquire about the confirmation mail on your email address or phone as a file of successful cancellation.

Note: One must note that the MLB TV account subscription is a one-time fee for the whole season of the service and gets automatically renewed every year.

How to cancel my MLB Tv subscription Apple Tv

In order to cancel Apple Tv MLB subscription we need to follow the below steps:

  • Go to the ‘Settings’:
    Firstly, on your respective device, go to the ‘Settings’ which is in its Home Screen.
  • Click on the ‘iTunes & App Store’ section:
    Then click the App Store section.
  • Hit on the ‘Apple ID’:
    Now, hit the option on ‘Apple ID’.
  • Select ‘View Apple ID’ button:
    In order to ‘View’ it is required to get sign in to the account.
  • Tap on ‘Subscription’ tab:
    Next, on viewing the Apple ID, tap on the ‘Subscription’ tab.
  • Select on ‘Manage’ section:
    Then, under the Subscription tab, we must select the ‘Manage’ section, in order to cancel MLB Tv and manage the subscription
  • Click on the subscription where you need to manage:
    In the next step, click the subscription tab where the Manage of the account is to be done or to make any cancellations.
  • Make use of the desired option:
    Now, select the options as per desired by us for MLB Tv cancel my subscription.
  • Select on ‘Automatic Renewal Turn Off’:
    At last, we need to select the Turn Off button for ‘Automatic Renewal’, which will stop the subscription when the current subscription cycle period ends.
    Thus, the overall method to cancel MLB Tv subscription is being put forward to you in simple terms. If there is doubt or query contact the MLB Tv Customer Service team for better guidance.
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