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How To Cancel Subscriptions On Firestick

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Users can cancel some of the subscriptions through Amazon. To find out how to cancel it, you just arrived at the perfect page. Here you will get a thorough handbook on questions like

‘How to cancel ESPN Plus subscription on Firestick’ and so on. Simply follow the steps it will allow you to do so without taking much time. Now let’s move to the crux of this article.

How to cancel a subscription on Firestick

The steps for Firestick subscription cancellation are as follows:


  • To start with, first, visit the website of Amazon.
  • Next, log in to the Amazon account. The account needs to be the right one that was used on the Fire TV.
  • Now, move to the section on ‘Accounts & Lists’. In this section, you will be able to manage the settings of the account, it will also include the billings.


  • Scroll down to the bottom.
  • Go to the ‘Memberships and Subscriptions’ section: One will be for the channels, and the other one will be for the extra subscriptions.
  • To cancel another kind of subscription, choose the under channels option.
  • Select the desired one and then open it.


  • Now the method of payment details will be displayed on the screen, which was wielded by you.
  • Below the page is the subscription.
  • So in order to cancel the subscription let’s say: HBO, you must click on the ‘Cancel Channel’ button which is at the right bottom corner of the screen.


To learn more information on the payment history, then the details you can find from the acknowledgments that are on the upper side of the screen.

From here, you can operate or manage the settings of payment however it fits you. So that’s the topic you were searching for particularly if you are looking at how to cancel subscriptions on Firestick.

Bottom Lines:

Thus, the exclusive method to cancel your subscriptions that is activated on Fire TV is through Amazon. It cannot be canceled in the manner that you had activated on Firestick. Hence, we hope by now you have learned the procedure for cancellation. In case you face any problem, then you can contact its support page for guidance.

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