Progressive Insurance Cancellation Policy

Progressive Insurance Cancellation Policy

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Progressive or one can say that Progressive Corporations is one of the  American insurance policy providers to the people based in-car renters insurance.

If you like to cancel the Progressive Policy then here we will discuss the methods of cancellation with quite simple and easy steps. But you must make sure the procedure for the Insurance cancellation will primarily depend on the place you live in, as the ways are not the same everywhere, and at the same time every state makes its own rules on insurance.

So in this article, we will study ‘How do I cancel my Progressive Insurance Policy?’.

How to Cancel Progressive Insurance Policy

Before going to the methods of canceling Progressive, let us learn about the things that we need to do at the time of cancellation of  Progressive Insurance policy.

  • To line up the replacement of the policy:-

Here are the points described for lining the replacement:

1. Select a reasonable time for considering switching on the insurers:

  • The cancellation policy on Progressive Insurance can be done at any time if you wish. And for this, it has been said that there are particularly two best times for considering the switching of the insurers.
  • We need to start to compare the rates three to four weeks earlier than the date of renewal of our Progressive insurance. According to the laws of the State of the place where you reside, a notice of renewal will be sent to you a month early from its due date.
  • We need to use the details so that we can compare the products as well as the rates with several other competitors.
  • We are also required to evaluate the options of our insurance after an important life event such as shifting to a new house, a marriage or a divorce, buying a new car, etc. You need to contact the executives of Progressive to see if these changes would affect the policy and its rates.

2. Inspection of the Progressive Insurance cancellation fee regarding the policy:

  • As per the laws of our residing area and the manner of the policy that you have attained and for you may have to pay the Progressive auto insurance early cancellation fee to end the policy of Insurance before the date of renewal.
  • If you are charged with the cancellation fee, then it is usually 10% of the outstanding rate of premium.
    Let us assume with an example to understand better-
    If 4 months are left in your hand at $150 monthly, then the cancellation fee will be $45 approximately.
  • But, if you had already paid beforehand for the policy, then you would be eligible for a refund of the term that remains unused following the cancellation minus the fees ($600 – $45 = $555 from the above-given example).

3. Select a new insurance scope for the car:

It has been seen that, in the United States of America, each of its states has the requirements of insurance for the motor vehicles, and therefore by the law, you may also require to prove that you have the new insurers in place of the old one when you go for the Progressive renters’ insurance cancellation policy.

So you need to look around, find and then select the new policy which suits you and perfectly matches your budget as well as requirement.

  • In order to get your choices, you can call upon directly to the companies dealing with Insurance or one can also visit the official website. You can also directly go to visit the independent office agent or the agents of insurance from the office which is affiliated with the company that is nearer to you and also can go for the online third party option on the sites of comparison.
  • You need to arrange for the new insurance policy to come into effect on the same day on which you wish the Progressive Insurance policy to cancel and comes to end.
  • It may also happen that by the law or by the mortgage firm, you may need to get insurance on homeowners as well.

4. Ask the New Insurer for help by helping you to deal with the procedure on cancellation:

Sometimes if the luck favors you might with such insurer who are much interested to get the business, that they even take care very much on the procedure and work for cancellation of the old insurance policy and you just need to put a signature on the form or furnish a verbal assurance to the insurer and the work is done. But, if this service is not offered to you, there is no need to worry or get tense as the process is quite easy and simple so that you can take care of it on your own with fewer hurdles.

Methods On How To Cancel The Progressive Auto Insurance policy

There are a few methods accessible for the consumers with Progressive Insurance policy if they wish to cancel their Insurance policy on Progressive. They are

  1. Progressive Insurance Policy cancellation through the mail.
  2. Cancellation of Progressive Policy by Phone.
  3. Cancel Progressive Insurance Policy Online.

What are the Requirements for cancellation:

We need to furnish the following details along with our personal information at the time of canceling my Progressive auto insurance policy:

  1. Our first name and last name.
  2. The Policy number of Progressive.
  3. Our resident address.
  4. The date on which we want to end the term.
  5. Time of cancellation.
  6. The Contact Number.
  7. Specifying the reason for the cancellation of the policy (it is optional).
  8. The details on the new Insurance policy and the insurer if there is any.
  9. New policy number.
  10. Start date and time.
  11. Signature with the date.

Now let us study the different methods that are available for Progressives Auto Insurance cancellation policy and we discussed them in detail below:

(1) How To Cancel A Progressive Insurance Policy Through The Mail

It has been quite seen that some of the states of America require a document with a signature as per the law for the Progressive Car Insurance cancellation which is also considered the simplest way to deal with the process of cancellation.

Here are the steps illustrated that you need to follow carefully in order to cancel the policy via the mail:

  • Compose a letter with a request for the cancellation of the Progressive Insurance Policy.
  • Provide all the details that are listed above.
  • We can also use a form that is pre-made for cancellation instead of composing it from the scratch.
  • We need to put the signature and also mentioned the date in the letter.
  • And now you need to send the letter on request and mail it to the address at:
    The Progressive Corporation,
    6300 Wilson Mills Rd,
    Mayfield Village,
    44143 Ohio.

Make sure to send the letter at least one week before the intended date of cancellation. If it is possible, then we need to send it sooner i.e two to three weeks earlier.

(2) How to cancel Insurance Policy with Progressive over the Phone

This mode can be also termed as the traditional way for cancellation and also the easiest one as some people may find it difficult to write or with the online method to deal with and thereby choose this method to directly talk to the customer care agent.

So here is what you need to do when you select the cancellation method by phone:

  • First, dial the phone number of Progressive Policy Customer care at 1-866-416-2003.
  • We need to keep all the information and details ready to furnish when the agent asks for it for example:
    Progressive Policy Number and also the details about the replacement policy.
  • And ask the Customer Support team that you want to cancel the Insurance policy services on Progressive.

You must be stiff on your decision as the agent of the Progressive team may try hard in convincing you to remain with the company by giving you a discount on your policy rate. But, if you speak to them by repeating two to three times as ‘I am sorry and had made my ultimate and the decision already and thereby had lined for a policy replacement’ then they will sure back down and give away to cancellation.

(3) How to cancel my Progressive Insurance Policy via the Online

We should note that we may or may not be able to cancel the policy Online because, in order to cancel the Progressive Insurance via the Online method, it depends mainly on the laws of the state where we reside, then here is what we  need to do and also follow the instructions below:

  1. Step1:

    Through our preferred web browsing site we need to visit the company’s official website @

  2. Step2:

    Now, we require to ‘Log In’ into our account on Progressive with the required credentials such as the username or email address and the Progressive account password.

  3. Step3:

    Then the list of options will be displayed on the screen that we need to look at and choose which matches our requirements and you must carefully follow the on-screen instructions that will be displayed on the screen.

Thus, one can handily clear their confusion on how to cancel Progressive Insurance Policy online if the place you reside allows so by the law.

How to cancel Insurance Policy Progressive via the DoNotPay app:

The cancellation process on Progressive is usually unpleasant and takes a lot of time.

The methods take a lot of time and may keep you on hold over the phone and they might also try to convince you to change your mind with various discounts and the conversation may turn into an awful situation while talking with the representative.

There is an app for us through which we can go through the cancellation procedure in just a few taps on the phone, the name of the online application is ‘DoNotPay’.

You have to go through and follow these simple steps in order to complete the process

  • Firstly, we will open the DoNotPay app on our chosen web browsing site or an iOS user can even download the app on the iOS version for free from the device Apple Store.
  • Next, click on the section on ‘Find Hidden Money.
  • Now, we will type in the name of the service which we wish to cancel as ‘Progressive Insurance’ in the blank box given.
  • Hit on ‘Ok’ to confirm the cancellation.

Lastly, a confirmation mail will be forwarded to the registered email address confirming that the Insurance policy had been successfully canceled.

Progressive Policy Cancellation Refund

We must take note that if the policy cancellation is done before our Insurance term ends, then we will be eligible for a prorated refund and get back the amount from the unused term.

Depending on the state we live in, our cancellation may charge us the Progressive auto insurance cancellation fee.

Thus, the cancellation fee for a Progressive insurance policy may incur 10% of the premium.


Hence, cancellation of the insurance is not much difficult but one should know what are the consequences that we need to face at the time of ending the car insurance before canceling it and having new car insurance in place of the old one if we plan to continue our driving and must also be sure of the laws that are stated for people residing in that particular state. For further support and guidance contact the customer support team to help you out with your problems with Progressive Insurance Policy cancellation.

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Cancel Assurant Policy

How To Cancel Assurant Policy

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Assurant Inc. is an Insurance policy company that is established in New York. Assurant is also known as the Assurant Renters which provides global management with a variety of insurance plans in areas like casualty insurance, property insurance, extending the protection for the device, etc. Its headquarters are in New York City and is one of the Western assurance cancellation policies.

Assurant was known as Fortis Inc. It was turned from a Dutch and Belgian firm in 2004. It provided health assurance products until 2015. But after that, it focused on accommodation and lifestyle insurance products. Assurant puts its priority on the three departments, accommodation which deals with mortgages, multi-family insurance for housing, and lifestyle which proposes mobile gadgets protection and extends the warranty commodity for credit offerings, vehicles, electronics, and planning before death which gives annuities and pre-funded funeral policies.

But if you want to cancel your membership on Assurant policy then you can look into this article on ‘How to cancel Assurant policy’.

Assurant Cancel Health Policy

It provides health assurance to the members who subscribe to it. When you no longer want to continue with the services received you can cancel your health policy. You cannot cancel the Assurant policy via sending an email delivering a letter or visiting in person and there is no online method available for the Assurant policy cancellation.

But the only way by which you can cancel your Assurant policy is described below:-

Cancellation of Assurant policy through the phone

How To Cancel Assurant Policy Through The Phone

For the Assurant policy to cancel you can directly connect over the phone by dialing the Assurant renters insurance cancel policy phone number. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. First, you have to get connected with the executive of Assurant for cancellation. Reach the Assurant policy cancel contact number given as 1-888-260-7736.
  2. Then tap on the number 5 option.
  3. After connecting your call, you will be asked to provide the full details of your account. You have to provide information such as:
    • Your name is in full.
    • The username was used while signing up.
    • Similarly your password.
    • Your Mail address.
    • Your address of billing.
    • The policy number you received.
    • The last charge amount you paid
    • Date of payment of your last charge
    • Your credit card lasts 4 digits.
    • And then Ask the executive to cancel the Assurant policy
  4. After cancellation of the policy, you ask them to pay back the payment.
  5. You will receive a verification mail confirming that the account is being closed.

How To Cancel My Assurant Policy With The Help Of the DoNotPay App

We can cancel our Assurant policy by calling customer care but it may seem to take time to connect your call to the agent thus creating headaches. So, there is a way to get your cancellation done in a faster way. The DoNotPay app can give us a faster process on the cancellation policy.

Thereby for my Assurant policy to be canceled here are the following few steps that we need to follow:-

  • Firstly, download the app from the Apple Store for iOS users or search the app in the browser you prefer from your device.
  • Then click the ‘Find Hidden Money tab.
  • Fill in the blank bar ‘Assurant’ as the name of the service that you no longer want to use and wish to cancel.
  • A verification mail will be delivered to you confirming the cancellation of the account.

The DoNotPay app makes your work easier and hassle-free. It does not keep you on hold waiting for the call to connect thus consuming less time in the Western assurance cancellation policy.

Assurant Cancel Policy Refund

When it comes to your mind how to cancel the Assurant policy and if there is any refund, then you can proceed without hesitation. In the above discussion, we discussed the cancellation methods that are available for the members. After requesting to cancel the Assurant policy you can ask for a refund. In that case, you will receive the amount back for the duration you haven’t used. And thereby you will receive a refund.

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Cancel Lemonade Insurance

How To Cancel Lemonade Insurance?

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Lemonade is an Insurance Policy company, related to an American commodity as well as with an insurance policy for the victim. Lemonade offers insurance policies for homes and renting condos, apartments, co-ops, and homes.

Lemonade comes up with a mobile application that uses chatbots in handling policies and claims.

The Lemonade insurance service has been able to transform the business type of insurance. The users can come across a very affordable, fastest, and hassle-free service.

The Lemonade Insurance company brings about a unique feature i.e the ‘Giveback’ service in which the money that is left behind is donated to the policyholder care. All the customers enjoy this service and facilities that are provided to them and thereby pushing them to a better place to get the insurance policy depending on the preference you choose this type.

However, if you wish to cancel the Lemonade insurance policy but are confused about if you can cancel your Lemonade insurance, then in this article, you will get to know ‘How to cancel Lemonade insurance policy’.

How To Cancel Lemonade Insurance

Lemonade Insurance Policy company allows its users to cancel their Lemonade insurance any time they wish for. Through the Lemonade Insurance app, you can easily go for the cancellation of your Lemonade Insurance policy easily and you may be eligible to get back a refund.

In Lemonade to cancel your insurance there are two methods available for cancellation as per the Lemonade Insurance cancellation policy:

  1. To contact for cancellation of Lemonade insurance policy over the phone.
  2. Via Email to the Lemonade insurance customer service team.

1. How Do I Cancel Lemonade Insurance via Phone

In order to cancel your Lemonade renters insurance, you can talk directly to the Lemonade Insurance policy company customer support team over the phone by dialing the number given by the company at 1-844-733-8666.

Ask the representative to cancel your Lemonade policy, it may be on your renter’s insurance, etc., and furnish all your details on your policy account and the required information such as your name, contact number, policy number, address, email ID, and so on. Make sure to get the confirmation number on the successful cancellation of your Lemonade Insurance policy from the service team.

The customer support team of Lemonade is available on weekdays from Monday to Friday timing from morning 9 a.m to 5 p.m evening.

2. How To Cancel My Lemonade Insurance Through The Email

To cancel your Lemonade insurance policy through email is the alternative to cancellation of your policy for the one who desires to adopt the written format.

Here are the steps described that you need to follow:

Compose an email requesting the Lemonade Insurance Policy company to cancel your Lemonade Insurance (renters insurance) and send it to A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address on the cancellation of your Lemonade policy from the company for future reference.

Lemonade Insurance How To Cancel Through DoNotPay App

Lemonade Insurance policy does not provide its company website to cancel your Lemonade insurance online. And for this, we bring to you another app that will help you out in canceling your Lemonade insurance easily and in less time. DoNotPay is an application that takes less time to cancel your policy when compared to the other methods mentioned above.

Here are the points you need to follow step by step to cancel your Lemonade Insurance policy with the DoNotPay app:

  • Firstly, through any of your preferred web browsers, you need to Log In to the DoNotPay application. You can even download the DoNotPay app on your iOS device from the Apple Store for free.
  • Then, click on the ‘Find Hidden Money section.
  • Now you need to enter the name of the service as ‘Lemonade Insurance’ which is the one you wish to cancel in the blank field on your display screen.
  • Now, click on the ‘Cancel’ tab.

A confirmation mail will be sent to you on successful cancellation, which might take around 48 hours from the DoNotPay app service.

According to the Lemonade renters insurance cancellation policy, the giveback features will also be canceled while canceling your Lemonade policy. But you will be refunded back, the amount that you have already paid for it.

Hence, from the above-cited article, you can easily get an idea of the cancellation of your Lemonade Insurance policy, and if there is any confusion you can contact the Lemonade customer support team for further guidance through the contact number described in the context above.

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Cancel AAA Membership

How To Cancel AAA Membership?

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The AAA is known as the American Automobile Association which has numerous advantages to extending its elements, comprising roadside service, vehicle, home, and life security and help with holiday planning. The members can obtain assistance from any department if he is linked to AAA membership. Once the central AAA website has cited you to the ethical local website link you can go through the website to get your desired information.

However, if you do not want the membership anymore and wish to cancel your AAA membership, then here you will get to know the various details on if you can cancel your AAA membership and ‘How to cancel AAA membership’.

Different Methods To Cancel AAA Membership

There are different modes for canceling an AAA membership. It is described in detail below:

A. How To Cancel AAA Online

To cancel your AAA Membership in Southern California you have to follow the below steps:

  1. First, you need to log in to your AAA account from any of your preferred web browsers through to cancel your membership.
  2. Then select the ‘My Account’ tab.
  3. Tap on the ‘Cancel’ option.
  4. Next, you need to fill up the blanks with the required details on Cancel the entire membership form.
  5. Then you click on ‘Submit’.

B. Cancel Your AAA Membership Over The Phone

You can also cancel the AAA membership through the AAA cancellation number and reach the agent directly at either 1-800-222-4357 or 1-866-968-7222 to connect to the AAA customer assistance group so that they can cancel your AAA membership.

  1. Select ‘Member Services’ when you want to connect to the customer hub to cancel your AAA membership.
  2. Then click on the “Membership questions” to get in contact with an operator to solve your issues.
  3. You have to make sure to have all your account details gathered with you.
  4. Inquire the AAA agent to cancel your AAA membership and give a confirmation message for future records.

C. How Do I Cancel My AAA Membership Through An Application

There is an application available for canceling your AAA membership. You can easily follow the steps to cancel the membership with DoNotPay App.

  1. Firstly, open the app on your website. You can even download the application easily, free of cost if you are an iOS gadget user.
  2. Click the ‘Find hidden money option.
  3. Then type in “AAA” as the name of the assistance that you no longer desire to use.
  4. We will notify you with a mail confirming that your AAA Membership has been canceled.

Thus, you can easily cancel triple AAA membership conveniently through the DoNotPay app.

AAA Cancellation Policy

AAA controls to make the cancellation policy easy. There are centralized subordinate assistance divisions to perform the duties in each location. With the help of the customer executive, you can execute the AAA membership cancellation policy. You have to reach them over the phone or by mail to your location headquarters. You can get support from the local assistance center.

If you cancel individually you have to keep all your details handy which include – Name, place, contact number and age of birth, vehicle license, policy number, and so on.

A confirmation will be sent to your email that the AAA car rental cancellation policy is verified. AAA cancellation policy also reserves the right for you to cancel the AAA cruise policy.

AAA Membership Cancellation Policy Refund

Refunds can be received by the members. But you have to cancel your subscription from the benefit issued to them within 30 days. AAA will subtract all the deductions from the refund and keep the payments you paid during the joining time. You can thus get the AAA cancellation policy refund.

For the AAA membership refund policy in California, you will acquire an authorized refund of your Membership privileges. The recent aspect of the fee will be provided to you and thus AAA Membership cancellation refund will be received.

Cancel AAA Insurance

You have to go through a few instructions and follow them to cancel your AAA auto insurance: You need to dial the customer assistance fax number for cancellation – 877-387-8378 Then, provide your ZIP code. Furnish the agent with your details, including your driver’s authorization and policy number so that you cancel the travel insurance. Inquire them to cancel your AAA insurance policy.

You can also cancel AAA Insurance online, and for this, you can search through the net for cancellation of AAA insurance policy by given below site @

AAA Insurance Cancel Refund

Generally, most insurance firms will refund you the payment you paid after you cancel the AAA insurance policy. Barely your household protection is prorated while your car security is short-range which means it is not good to cancel an insurance policy mid-term. You may also receive some amount back for the assistance you did not obtain from the AAA.

You will receive a refund for the cancellation of insurance based on the timing of your revocation. All cancellations are established on the annual dividend and authorized for the period. The AAA insurance refund amount will be the period on which you were certified minus the proportion you entirely paid for the membership.

With this technique, you may be able to cancel the AAA insurance policy and get back your refund.

We hope you find this article helpful on AAA canceling the membership and can effortlessly go through the different methods to complete your cancellation of membership according to the AAA cancellation policy on both AAA membership and AAA insurance.

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