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Finding hardship in Moo Moo Car Wash canceling membership?? Then, there is nothing to worry about anymore as you have halted at the right page. We have put forward the ultimate solutions by which one can easily cancel a Moo Moo Car Wash account.

Moo Moo Car Wash is a company for those looking for proper maintenance of their car who don’t have enough time available. One can select the membership plan and car maintenance will be offered on time according to the membership plan.

Now let’s get into the blog to be aware of the different methods for cancellation of the membership account.

How to cancel Moo Moo Car Wash Subscription Online

To cancel Moo Moo Car Wash one must go through the below-mentioned points:-

  1. First, visit the official website of Moo Moo Car Wash and then enter the phone number registered email address or RFID Tag (the last four digits of the CC) to log into the account.
  2. Tap on the ‘Update Customer Contact Details’ tab.
  3. Next, locate and click on the ‘Edit billing’  and ‘Edit Credit Card’ option.
  4. Now, one can make the desired changes or cancel the Moo Moo Car Wash account through this page and it will be done.

* It is recommended to cancel the membership account before 24 hours from the following monthly subscription billing cycle.

How do I cancel my Moo Moo Car Wash Over the Phone?

The steps to follow on Moo Moo Car Wash Membership cancel are:-

  1. Reach out to the Moo Moo customer support team over the phone by dialing (614)-751-WASH (9274).
  2. Request the service team to cancel the subscription account.
  3. Furnish the required information regarding the membership account and also the personal details.
  4. The service team will locate the account and proceed with the needed cancellation.

How To Cancel Moo Moo Car Wash Through Fax?

The other method to cancel is through Fax. The steps are:-

  1. Generate a letter making cancellation requests to the Moo Moo Car Wash customer support team
  2. Submit the composed letter through fax at (614) 522-6244.
  3. One must ensure that the letter includes all the information regarding the membership account and also take note that the member has put the signature in the letter before sending.

How do I cancel Unlimited Moo Moo Car Wash via Mail?

One can also go for Moo Moo Car Wash cancel through the Mail:-

  1. Write a letter of cancellation to the Moo Moo Car Wash support team, stating the desire to cancel the subscription account.
  2. Furnish all the information and personal details that are related to the account.
  3. Once it is done, send the composed letter to the customer support team at the mailing address at 13375 National Road SW, Suite D, Etna, Ohio 43068
  4. Hope, by now one can easily cancel the subscription by choosing any of the above-mentioned methods. For any further guidance, reach out to the Moo Moo Car Wash customer support service to attain the best solution to the concern issues.
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